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10/19/22 PTO Meeting Minutes

Board members in attendance:

Corey Dukes, Mollie Olinyk, Krista Dunger, Alison Etter, Ann Hilton, Bridget Gruber, Judith Eveler, Miranda Budine, Corey Ryder, Jill Shiffert

Meeting Called to Order at 6:31 p.m.

Helping Hands Update

Started off helping all kids at Eberwhite play Rec & Ed sports, plus equipment for sports. Also evolved to coats, boots, gloves. Whatever the need is, go to the principal and teachers and Helping Hands will find a way to make it work. Other examples are needs in the past were food needs, storage space for a family being evicted, camps, pay bills, car repair. There is no need Helping Hands can not meet. Fundraising efforts include parent fundraiser events, donation campaigns, etc. Let new Eberwhite families know this program exists and how to help. Dani and Jenna are no longer at Eberwhite but continue to help at Eberwhite. PTO has $5,000 set aside for this school year to Helping Hands. Helping Hands program is a specific option on the Square donation site. 

Principal Update 

  • Thank you from Ms. Glei for the $3,000 Book Room funds from PTO.  We are also seeing donations come in from parents.

  • Halloween celebrations are coming up with the parade and classroom parties. Costumes available for students who do not have a costume. Separate areas will be set up for students who do not celebrate. 


Woodchip Day on Friday!

  • We have a good amount of volunteers. The weather should be much better on Friday. 

Fun Run Saturday!

  • Looking good for a fun event. We might need to move the tracks because of mud. This is a TBD.

Scholastic Book Fair

  • On for Scholastic Book Fair Nov. 16-18. Possibly reconsider doing a longer book fair next year. 

  • Will need volunteers for the event. 

  • Suggestion to have the book fair open as many hours as possible. Before and after school. 

  • Will look into book fair options for Spring and next Fall. Literati is another option for a book fair.

  • Margaret Nelson volunteered to coordinate equity efforts to make book fairs more equitable.

Notes for Fun Run planning 2023

Fun Run ideas to make the event more inclusive.

Do during the school year. Class with the most laps, gets a pizza party. No trophies that are given out later. 

Budget Updates

  • Moving to Google forms for check requests, in an effort to be paperless in November

  • Expenses. Only 10 or so teachers have used their teacher stipends so far. The Book Room renovation project has been funded. PTO Vests could be an option to let people know who to contact.


  • Take out Thursdays on hold

  • Nicola’s fundraiser Nov. 6-12th

  • Movie Night Planning for Winter event ideas

Teacher Appreciation

  • Send any updates by Thursday morning for staff emails.

  • Eberwhite Pals had 30 staff members sign up and an equal number of parents volunteer signus


  • Organizing the PTO Closet

    • Will set up a time to get volunteers to clean it out, do an inventory and organize.

Meeting adjourned 8:08 pm

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