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11/16/22 PTO Meeting Minutes

Board members in attendance: Corey Dukes, Mollie Olinyk, Krista Dunger, Alison Etter, Bridget Gruber, Judith Eveler, Miranda Budine, Corey Ryder, Jill Shiffert, Armen Hratchian, Kristin Baker


  • Welcome New Fundraising Chairs Kristin and Armen

  • Eberwhite PALS 

    • Everyone who is signed up is covered by a parent volunteer

  • Principal Updates (Michelle Hubbard)

    • Busy time right now with book fair, pancake supper and Thanksgiving break

  • Green Schools Award

    • Application opens in January. Can purchase a flag to display.

  • Eberwhite was gifted a large canvas art piece to be hung in the auditorium. 

  • Lunch room volunteers in great need from 11:15/11:20 and finished by 1pm


  • Scholastic Book Fair (currently underway)

    • Need of more volunteers to be successful, especially during the pancake supper.

  • Winter Event Ideas

    • Traditionally in February Eberwhite has held a decade dance. A survey was sent out to gather input on the decade dance or other suggestions. Will send the survey out one more time.

  • Mind Fair

    • Students run their own investigation and present their findings. March 1-2, 2023. Lucia Guerri

  • Family Reading Night idea (Literacy team)


  • Nicola’s/Schuler Books Fundraisers

    • Check will be mailed to Eberwhite PTO. The amount raised is still unknown.

  • Winter Spirit Wear

    • Discussed possibly changing the spirit wear selling model to sell at cost instead of for profit. The goal is to get spirit wear sales up as soon as possible. Also put a call out for “vintage spirit” wear donations for kids who have no spirit wear.

  • New Fundraising Ideas

    • New fundraising chairs (Armen and Kristin) are working on which fundraising ideas to pursue based on building community and achieving fundraising goals.

  • 5th Grade Book Room Donations

    • A wave of donations came in $700. Still need $1,300. A donation end date will be established.

Teacher Appreciation 

  • Eberwhite PALS

  • Amazon Wishlist Countdown starts Monday


  • $42 income balance

  • $2,800 in donations

  • Fun Run $9,000 profit

11-16-22 PTO Minutes: Academics
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