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12/16/20 PTO Meeting Minutes


  1. Welcome Parents and Start the meeting

  2. Approve the minutes

  3. Old Business/Updates (25 mins)

    1. Takeout Thursday (Laura)

    2. Teacher holiday gift updates (Lesley)

    3. December Spirit Wear (Josh)

    4. PTO-C meeting recap? (Abby)

    5. Local holiday shopping guide? (Katherine & Abby)

    6. Winter solstice walk update (Katherine)

  4. Helping Hands (10 mins) 

  5. Treasurer's Report (10 mins)

  6. Teachers Report (5 mins)

  7. Principals Report (10 mins)

  8. New Business (60 mins or less)

    1. Reflect on the first half of the year - recap of the PTO’s fundraising efforts, approved grants, activities, teacher appreciation efforts, and more

    2. Looking toward the second half - what do we want to accomplish? Goals, ideas, etc.

    3. Happy holidays!

  9. Close the Meeting

Board Member Attendees







Teacher Attendees

Bill Harris

Sarah Lindsay

Rich Brisson

Take out thursday-$967.77 total so far raised this year!!

PTO gifts- Lesley, all teachers are thankful for receiving the blankets.  Lesley will be dropping the last 2 later this week. 

Spirit Wear- Josh, UGP was recommending that we do something in February.  Full zip hoodies, pullovers, joggers, and beanies. Should be able to do multiple colors.  The PTO is willing to drop offs and have gear at pick up at EBW. 

PTOC Meeting- How are PTO’s adjusting during the pandemic? Most conversations were around fundraising.  Most schools are doing dine out nights to raise money.

Local Holiday Guide-Can be found on the PTO website

Winter Solstice walk- we will not be able to happen due to covid. 5th graders are updating the builtin board in the woods.

Helping hands- $1700 has been raised in the last week or so, and GC have been purchased. They have about $400 left and still have a family in need. 

Treasurer Update- Expenses are HH, and income coming from Take out Thursday! $120 a quarter comes from Amazon each quarter.

Principal Update-Bill

Report cards will be sent tomorrow and also NWEA testing.  They are hoping after the break to try to create some social opportunities.  

MLK assembly the second week of January.  They are working with justice leaders on opp to help the communities.

Playground grant was APPROVED!

LEAP- this will not happen this year, due to low involvement

Ideas for the second half of the year

5th grade activities-promotion budget $930 (last year)  What can we do for them to make this year feel special?  We will look a bit deeper on where we can move money at our internal meeting. How can we get people more involved.

Decade Dance Marathon-dancing and a lip sync competition.  Look forward to this! Maybe distribute a goodie bag to the kiddos.  

Celebrate Reading Month in March.  A read a thon

Teacher Appreciation week-will discuss more in depth soon.

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