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09/21/22 PTO Meeting Minutes

Board Attendees: Corey Dukes, Jill Shiffert, Mollie Olynik, Miranda Budine, Krista Duger, Alison Etter, Ann Hilton, Bridget Gruber, Judith Eveler 


  • Highest Priority

    • Wood Chip Day  - Oct. 19 (rain day Friday Oct 21)

    • Budget = $700

      • We likely won’t need this budget – it’s fail safe funds in case district can’t come through

        • [Ms. Hubbard] that’s all covered and set

          • They’ll dump the chips at 2 Ridgemoor (just off Liberty)

      • Sustainability efforts (jug of water, b.y.o bottle, compostable cups)

        • We may *not* even need to supply water

      • NOTES: [Ms. Hubbard] wasp issue being monitored by AAPS grounds team. They’ll walk the path ahead of time and make sure it’s clear

        • VOLUNTEERS: maybe need concierges added to the volunteer list

          • The real big push is for sleds for the kids to drag the chips

            • Collect ahead of time, in front of school

    • Fun Run (Oct 22) - OUR BIGGEST FUNDRAISER (kids raise through Rally Up website)

      • Biggest need is event lead volunteers 

      • ACTION: Send the blurb to Mrs. Racine for inclusion in class emails

      • ACTION: Target + McDonalds to reach out about volunteer days for them

      • Budget = $5000

        • Trophies, decorations 

          • [Ms Hubbard] What about medals instead of trophies? 

            • [Mollie] 

          • sustainable/reusable decorations

          • Get 100 laps maybe name engraved

        • Joseph Kjar is working on the Rally Up

          • QR codes will be released

    • Winter Event Ideas / Survey to gauge parent interest


  • Budget for the 22’-23’ year

  • Grants submission process and Rubric

  • Grant Requests so far - Grant Request Form (Responses)

    • Book Room Renovation Discussion

      • Vote on Book Room Renovation Request?

  • Check Requests


    • ACTION: - Draft the email 

      • Memo is going for Ms. Glei Request

      • On the blast send a check or do the square

    • ACTION: Go to the community for assistance - 5th Legacy

    • Create a check request paper 

    • 10 Yes - For 3K for the Ms. Glei

  • Trailhead signage for PTO info on playgrounds (Mollie) 

    • Grant Form Possible to verify objectives + cost

Teacher Appreciation

  • Current Budget Outlook

    • ACTION: Add the budget for teacher appreciation

  • Eberwhite Pals

    • “Adopt” a staff member 

    • Once a month bring the lunch for the staff member

    • Or bring a coke to a teacher

PTO Council 

  • Virtual book about Eberwhite and our histories

  • DEI

  • Oct 17 at 7pm its the school board candidate form and it's open to anyone.

  • How do we push that information?

  • Facebook, Twitter, PTO website, principal newsletter, Flyers

  • Email of the PTOC 

    • Alana was an old rep and provided that info


  • Fundraising Chair

  • Tie Dye 

    • Converse with Ms. George with her Plans and probable execution options

    • ACTION: Have Ms. George fill out the grant application

  • Bulb Sale

    • All systems go?

    • ACTION: Goes to the newsletter for Ms. Hubbard (by friday preferred)

  • Nicolas (now called Schuler) Book Store

    • Nov 6th-12th if they use Eberwhite we get some % back

    • Can go to three different locations

  • Spiritwear

  • Selling the Fun Run T-Shirts

  • Retro Designs - For a t-shirt ideas

  • More often sales

  • Seasonal Items are Fall & Spring

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