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10/21/20 PTO Meeting Agenda

  1. Welcome and Start the meeting

  2. Approve the minutes

  3. Old Business/Updates (40 mins or less)

    1. Pumpkin fundraiser recap (Abby)

    2. Woodchip Week recap (Katherine)

    3. Spirit wear update (Corey & Laura)

    4. Scavenger Hunt recap and winner drawing (Alyssa & Laura) 

    5. Fun run update (Abby)

    6. Reminder of shopping rewards (Katherine)

  4. Helping Hands (10 mins)

  5. Treasurer's Report (10 mins)

  6. Teachers Report (5 mins)

  7. Principals Report (10 mins)

  8. New Business (45 mins or less)

    1. Takeout Thursday (Laura)

    2. Teacher appreciation (Katherine)

    3. Book fair update (Abby)

    4. Questions & discussion

  9. Close the Meeting

10/21/20 PTO Meeting Minutes

Board Members Attending 

  1. Laura Steckling 

  2. Lesley Bassin 

  3. Katherine Martinelli

  4. Abbey Fanelli

  5. Alyssa Friendly

  6. Corey Ryder

EBW Staff Attendance

  1. Bill Harris

  2. Sarah Lindsay

  3. Richard Brysson

  1. Pumpkin fundraiser was a huge success and will be looking forward to making this an annual tradition next year.

  2. Wood chip week was a tremendous success.  Teachers, students, and parents all participated. Great community building event.  Even past EBW graduates were happy to be part of this process.

  3. Spirit Wear- UGP mask and t shirts are in for helping hands.  Pogo orders should be in later this week.  It may be possible to do spirit wear pick up at EBW at supply pick up next Thursday 10/29/20.

  4. Scavenger Hunt Winners ($20 Nicola’s BookStore GC): Ruth Forrest; Cathy Murphy; Stacy Mates

  5. Fun Run-11th year. We were turned down by the district.  We are launching the EBW fun run Spooktakular.  Kids will be running a setup loop near virginia park (near the playground) and submit the number of laps on the google rally up page. You also have the option to run something on their own if that is the family’s preferred method.  Friends and Families from all around are able to make a donation on the rally page.  Trophies/certificates will still be awarded and donations are not required to receive prizes.  Sign up for 10/31 for a photo finish last lap to wrap up the run!  Most participants from a class will win something.  Could be something off amazon wish list.

  6. Shopping rewards - Truly the easiest way to give back to PTO

  7. Helping Hands- Thanks to the PTO for providing headphones. AAPS connection Point-parents can express concern around EBW children specifically those in Avalon housing.  Connection only has 2 points where they are serving kids thus far.  There are aspirations to continue this growth.

  8. Treasure/Budget Update-More money going out than coming in.  We were able to increase the teacher's stipend which is lovely. Still in a good spot budget wise.  

  9. Teacher Update-Sarah-So lucky to have such a wonderful PTO. Sarah likes the blurb that we are sending to post in her newsletter. Rich-  Best PTO last 5 years :). So appreciative of stipend and little treats provided.

  10. Also looking for parent help from each class.  Will include a blurb in the next letter.

  11. Bill-many teachers are so glad that the PTO is doing the activities that we are doing. 

  12. Principal Report-teachers have felt that they were IT specialists.  It seems fair to say that we are on the upswing!  Now focusing on quality learning, and making the best out of it.  State assessments were announced yesterday for state funding.  They are doing some planning on how to make this effective and part of the school day.  Schedule change for Wednesdays will be adjusted by school and grade level.

  13. Playground-fall 2021 second playground build.  More details to come in the next few weeks.

New Business 

Take out Thursday

10/22-Tormina’s Pizza 

10/29 Hungry Howies

11/5 Pizza House

11/12 Noodles & Co

11/19 Torminas

12/3 Pizza House

12/10 Cottage Inn

12/17 Torminas Pizza

Teacher Appreciation

  • Bags/gift card with candy in mailboxes at the beginning of the year

  • Teacher stipend

  • Featuring teachers of the week and highlighting amazon wish list

New Ideas for teacher appreciation

  1. Have parents email teacher with positive thoughts

  2. Have students write to teachers and send pictures

  3. Encourage Amazon Wish List

  4. Learn more about the teachers and getting to know them

  5. Looking for a teacher liaison to help us with this please email is at


  • Fall book fair is on hold.   We are working with  Nicola’s. They will give  EBW students 20% off and they will give 20% back to EBW.  They are booked until 2021 and will look to set something up in the new year.  

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