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11/18/20 PTO Meeting Minutes

PTO Board Member Attendees

Laura Steckling

Corey Ryder

Lesley Bassin

Katherine Martinelli

Abby Fanelli

Josh Kupetz

Alyssa Friendly

EBW Staff

Bill Harris, Principal

Sarah Lindsay, PTO Teacher Rep


  1. Welcome Parents and Start the meeting

  2. Approve the minutes

  3. Old Business/Updates (25 mins)

    1. Takeout Thursday (Laura)

    2. Fun run recap (Abby)

    3. PTO-C meeting recap (Katherine)

    4. Teacher appreciation updates (Katherine/Abby/Lesley)

  4. Helping Hands (10 mins) 

  5. Treasurer's Report (10 mins)

  6. Teachers Report (5 mins)

  7. Principals Report (10 mins)

  8. New Business (60 mins or less)

    1. December Spirit Wear (Josh)

    2. Family community service - list on website of ways to do good with your kids (Alyssa)

    3. Book fundraiser for Helping Hands - other holiday ideas? Local holiday shopping guide? (Katherine)

    4. Food drive for Food Gatherers?

  9. Close the Meeting

Take out Thursdays-almost $600 raised so far this school year.  Bill is going to send Laura a list of restaurants that participated in the playground to see if they would be interested in taking part in take out Thursday.

Fun Run- 11th year.  Great way to connect with students and staff.  It was a great success. 80 kids participated and submitted their laps. Raised about $5800 and after trophy will net around $5500. So wonderful to see the teachers and Bill in person!  Thank you Abby for putting this together!

PTO-C- IEP’s and special education, and lower income families were all points of discussion.  Some PTO’s are helping teachers aid with stipend this could be something that EBW PTO could consider.  

Helping Hands- 20 Families (44 kids) at EBW today.  Hoping that connection plus will be available for our community soon.  HH has purchased headphones, GC, and holiday toys for these families.  Any support we can provide is greatly appreciated.  You can also do direct venmo donations @Eberwhite-HelpingHands (Venmo)

Treasury Update-  within the budget there is flagged money that has been gifted to specific areas in the school.  

Teachers Report (Sarah Lindsay)-  Thank you for doing the fun run!  Teachers were so happy to be there.  They are also enjoying the mask, and PTO website. Website makes it so easy for the teachers to get forms and links :).   

Principal Report- 3rd distribution will be tomorrow from 3:00-6:30 @ EBW. Instruments will be passed out for 4th and 5th graders.  Packets will be passed out also for Y5’s-3rd grade to offer alternatives to technology.  Extended the parent teacher conference window, and report cards will come in December.  He is curious what parents ' thoughts are around this.  2:58 new closing circle time  change after Thanksgiving break.  MLK presentation is still going to happen.  Mr. Willets will be taking this on virtually.  Justice leaders is off the ground. Working on self appreciation and self love. Second semester will be around social justice. Mirroring Green Hills programs thanks to Alyssa Friendly.  Playground fall 2021 NDEC should hear soon that we have received our fundraising goal and will allow us to build next fall. (not official yet).

Teacher Appreciation- Holiday/Winter break delivery time frame we will be dropping something off to them. Arbor Teas/Roos Roast made a generous donation of tea and coffee that will be delivered next week. On the PTO website there are message boards for EBW teachers and staff to show our appreciation to the teachers!

Spirit Wear-  3 different sales a yr. The 1st was at the beginning of the year, we did a double buy for HH, and masks for teachers.  2nd will come before holiday break talking to UGP and A2 Tshirt company.  Thinking hoodies, sweats and joggers, and water bottles.

Family Community Service-  Alyssa Friendly -go to…. get involved and find community service events. Link on the website  Great place to find ways to give back as a family.  Lots of great ideas!

Food Gathers- They are still doing food drives, is this something the school would be interested in doing?

Book Fundraiser-  Lauren Ranalli 10% off and $5 donation to HH for each book sold.  How can we help other business owners that are in the eberwhite community.  

Winter Activities - Winter solstice coming soon, possibly a night walk in EBW woods. Making lanterns as a group on zoom.  Snowman contests around the first snow post your pics on social media.  Virtual gingerbread making class, anyone interested in taking this on?

11-18-20 PTO Minutes: Academics
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