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1/28/21 PTO Meeting Minutes

Take out Thursday- we have raised $236 in 2021 so far this year.

Also Please register at the following stores to give back

Spirit Wear Update

Please order by 2/7/21

Many color options, and joggers too!

Email the PTO-cash/credit to pay and Corey will be willing to gather forms.

We will be doing an additional spirit wear this year.

PTO-C Meeting  Focus was around equity. How PTO’s can help with our school and make it stronger.  A village fund can assist and support others in our EBW community.  In the next meeting there will be continued discussion around this.  If you are interested in joining the PTO equity committee for EBW please let us know

Decade Dance  

Going to look a bit different this year.  Erica Martin is going to continue to teach dances in PE.  A new month long add on is the virtual lip sync and dance competition.  There will be a private showcase on YouTube during the month of Feb.  Children also can use props if they are camera shy.  Full details will be on the EBW PTO website soon. Dance party 2/20 from 3-5 for the entire school. Goodie bags will be given with a $10 donation.  Bag will include a free kids pizza voucher from Toarmina’s.

Reading Month Ms Player and Abby are working on this for March.  Expect fun activities.  Nicola’s fundraiser 20% goes back to EBW media center date is 3/14/21.  Also there may be a reading contest, with prizes at certain benchmarks.  More to come….

Helping Hands They have been very busy this year.  We have been providing gear,and some basic home utilities, food, and transportation.  Also scholarship for summer camps and programs.

Treasury Update -Take out Thursday has really been helpful.  Parent donations are still much appreciated.  

Teacher’s Report  The teachers are grateful for the PTO and blankets from the holiday. Appreciate all efforts.

Principal Report NAPID-national Afrrican parent involvement day and Parent day 2/8.  Parents will be invited to spend time in the classroom. 5th grade to transition to middle school, kindergarten round up April and May. Playground update-committee met recently and we are continuing to move forward. Looking for parents to assist on a certain committee.  

A2 has reached out to similar districts Troy, PLymouth, Canton, and some locals like Dexter and Saline.  Information sessions will be happening with the district and with Bill for additional details. 

Overview Hybrid Model-they will finalize the model in the next week or 2.  There will be a survey that goes out to parents asking virtual or hybrid?  

There will be 3 groups of students. 

1. Virtual

2. Cohort A 

3. Cohort B

The super 6 will be embedded and woven throughout the day.  Many things have been done at EBW, sneeze guards, plumbing, touchless fixtures, drinking fountains removed, and ventilation changes. The EBW building has never been so clean.  Also signage is posted throughout the school.

Cohort- is CDC recommendation to help minimize the risk of infection. We will gain clarity on in the next few weeks.

Schedule- virtual 810, in person at 9 end of the day @ 210 with small group instruction.  The teachers day will include time with kids virtual and with kids in person. Submission of assignments will be through schoology.  Families will do screening, provide masks, and water bottles.

Q & A with Bill

  1. Will there be any testing requirement for antibodies or illness as part of this plan? Staff will have optional antigen testing.

  2. Vaccinations for teachers? This has been a painful process. It does seem that we are turning the corner.  Is going back contingent on vaccines? No, not everyone will choose to get a vaccine.  A district can not require this.

  3. will parents have a say about which days students are in school? and will siblings be placed in school on the same days?  Right now it is based on last names.  It is imperfect and there will have to be some adjusting of the cohorts. Likely it will not be a parent choice. 

  4. Do you know if parents choose virtual, will they be committed to virtual for the remainder of the school year or will there be an option to re-enter the hybrid option at some point? 

  • no one on ebw staff feels pressured by parents to be unsafe

  • aaps taking teacher safety into account

  • teachers feel appreciated

5. Do teachers have the option to remain at home if there are health concerns?

  • not sure about specific hr policy on this but when school starts expecting teachers to come back

  • teachers can address indiv concerns with HRS 

6. feedback from teachers on how we can support them?

  • teachers are feeling support from parents. There is some concern but we have other comparisons to draw from elsewhere. Site visit to dexter. Other success stories putting others at ease.

​7. can format change to offer classes outside?

  • not sure 2 day structure will change. But outside learning, yes weather permitting

8. estimate on when hybrid will start? Dr swift paying attention to metrics and these will all be factored in

9. testing positive, what happens? Aaps has in depth contact tracing. Takes proper precaution for who needs to follow quarentine protocol.

10. will teachers teach students at school and at home at the same time? Looking to divide up day so this isnt happening all the time. Looking to minimize that.

11. increase outside time/ recess time? Need to prioritize in class learning. Cant increase right now.

12. next school year? Probably closer to something normal but hard to tell.

13. specials? Might be best served staying in virtual model. Not final. Cohorting, balancing risks of transmitability. 

14. IEP/ Services? This group has been on our minds. Some interventions can be done effectively via zoom. Many cannot.

15. how do we address learning gaps? Its going to be a long road. 

16. aaps request for um support? Communication is there. In what form unclear.

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