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03/09/22 PTO Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Bill Harris, Judy Eveler, Bridget Gruber, Alison Etter, Lesley Bassin, Corey Rider, Alyssa Friendly, Miranda Budine, Helen Look, Lucia Guerri, Elena Haviland, Abby Fanelli


  1. Jill Shiffert is moving here in June with her family from Austin, Texas. She has volunteered to be the PTO communications chair next year. Judy Eveler

Motion: Abby moved for a vote to have one monthly meeting for the rest of this school year (2022), 3rd Wednesday every month. Motion passes

  1. Next meeting will be April 20th, the third Wednesday of every month.

Principals Update

  1. March madness creates lots of behavior issues, everyone is ready for a break.

  2. Parent Volunteers have come back into the school; optimistic about the future; teachers are reaching out to individuals to volunteer in the classroom; volunteers do not need to wear yellow vests

  3. After spring break talk of set up for next year; setting up a receiving team.

  4. Wood chip day; alternative decade dance; lantern walk; Earth day celebration.

  5. Campus work; Eberwhite will get significant improvements; air conditioning will be installed!!! More significant renovations later

  6. Report cards come out on Friday

Treasurer Update

  1. Teacher stipend and Science Olympiad (2020 funds, participation will be free this year due to that) will be coming out of total budget so number will go down significantly next month.

  2. PTO Board approved a grant to Ms. McNabb ($400) for a video social emotional video program.

  3. Helping Hands will be taking out $1200 for summer camps and other activities for students in need.

One book, three schools

  1. Very exciting reveal! Kids have responded well. Spanish language activities. Lots of connecting fabric that is making this project well received. Final assembly in the works. There is work happening on a Bach/Mitchell/Eberwhite 2nd grade letter writing exchang.


  1. Earth Day, Friday April 22nd-community gardening event during the day, crafts, need volunteers for that day.

  2. Woodchip day sometime this spring. The woods is ⅔’s is behind, in being chipped. Move the event back to happening during the school day. The incorrect wood chips were delivered at one point and the correct chips will be ordered this time. Bill Harris needs a solid lead time to get this into the district because they purchase the wood chips.

  3. Robin Sutter is organizing ice cream social, to get involved please email:


  1. Plastic bag recycling. Located at the front of the building. Possibility of another box being located at the Kindergarten doors. This has been a very successful drive.

  2. Michigan Green School grant was submitted. Looking for emerald status.

  3. Earth Day work; Christine Hubbard; Andrew Laurie

  4. Trees for 5th graders-need to order trees soon. Ann taking lead on the project.

5th grade graduation

  1. In the past the 4th grade parents planned it for the 5th graders. PTO provides $350. Ann will talk to 5th grade parents/teachers to see if the planning has begun.


  1. Heritage night? Something Eberwhite used to do and there is talk about bringing that back.

  2. One book 3 schools has been a success so far.

PTOC Update

  1. Safe around school program. Works with local police.

  2. Crossing guards, expanding the program for more.

  3. PTO’s building community; meeting in schools was just announced so nothing specific was planned.

  4. Elena will not be the PTOC representative next year she is taking over Science Olympiad; PTO will need a volunteer next year for PTOC representative. Elena would love another interested parent volunteer for co-head of Science Olympiad.

Mind Fair

  1. Poised for a revival and in need of a person or a group of people to take charge.

  2. Probably cannot happen this year unless someone steps forward soon.

Teacher appreciation

  1. Coffee/tea bar/hot chocolate bar and bagels (donated by a parent) will happen some day before Spring Break. Lesley has color changing mugs she purchased at the beginning of the year and will hand those over to Alison to hand out at this month’s appreciation.

Next Meeting April 20th at 6:30 PM

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