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11/17/21 PTO Meeting Minutes


  1. Decade Dance date will be established soon.


  1. Take out Thursday: Ahmo’s $70, $100 Toarminas, Hungry Howie’s check is forthcoming. Michelle D is working hard to find new restaurants.

  2. Spiritwear, waiting until after the holidays to release the next round. Please contact Josh Kupetz if you want to see any specific spirit wear in the future.

  3. No holiday plant sale. Another bulb sale is slated for spring.

  4. Fun Run onsite t-shirts were not a success, only ~$200 was brought in. There was discussion about how that could be improved. Square site is our current form of payment, not the best site but PTO board is familiar with it. Bridget and Ann volunteered to get the PTO a Venmo account.

  5. Tent fundraiser brought in more money than the tents actually cost. The balance will be kept in the PTO account for Covid needs, especially this school year.

  6. Nicola’s Book fundraiser a success! $6000 in sales for Nicola’s. $730 of books for the Eberwhite library.


  1. Fun Run income was much improved over the 2020 (pandemic) total, but under the ~12K net raised in 2019. Gross total for 2021 was ~10K, expenses to subtract $770 trophies, $489 food, ~$820 t-shirts (?).

  2. Totals for monthly donations: $670 Helping hands, $720 general fund, $1103 flower power fundraiser, $8570 lunch tents.

  3. Lunch tent fundraiser has a balance of ~$1900. Board voted to reimburse the parent for tarps ~$150. Discussion on what to do with the remaining balance ended in a consensus that the money be saved for pandemic related expenses, especially lunch issues.


  1. By laws are being written

  2. School literacy experts (Ms. Player and Ms. Glei) consulted on “one book project”. Ordering deadline is possibly at the end of November, possibly causing a rush to make a book decision and pay for it. Corey proposed putting a link to equity on our square site to see if interest is generated.

  3. 10 very active parents have expressed interest in being included on the equity committee.


  1. School lunch issues is an ongoing discussion with many layers and the small group (Abby, Miranda, Alyssa, Bridget, and Ann), will be continuing to work on this project.

  2. Michigan Green School Grant. More projects of sustainability need to be implemented to apply for the grant. Rain Barrels? Eberwhite as a guinea pig for the district? Playground can possibly be a part of the grant application. Deadline is after the new year so there is time. Bridget is researching.

Principal’s Update

  1. Playground finished and many other projects were completed during the one week build. Huge success, committee is 2nd to none.

  2. Appreciation for businesses that donated is being put together. Thank you message to post in business.

  3. Money from playground is leftover, enough for at least one of the free standing structures. Concrete cost needs to be estimated, along with installation cost. Final costs will be calculated and decision will move back to steering committee.

  4. Report cards coming out. Mr. Harris reads every report card of every student!

  5. Lunch volunteers-great influx but there is still a need. Problem: volunteers are not allowed in school buildings, yet.

  6. School is generally going well, routines are being established. U of M students are able to volunteer.


  • Flyer on ways to support Eberwhite this giving season will be going home in this week’ folder. 

Honoring 5th grade graduates

  • Trees will be planted for graduate classes going forward with a plaque of graduates' names. Currently PTO is working on 2020 and 2022 graduates, as 2021 graduates received engraved pavers. 10 ft oak tree $200-300. Bridget will work with Bill Harris on placement of trees (newly seeded area?). Kristin Baker will work on researching and acquisition of plaques. If trees are planted this spring (not the best time) can students adopt a week of watering over the summer? Also discussed, students voting on the type of tree for their class.

Principal request for “Handwriting without Tears” and teacher Fun Run money

Student handwriting has taken an especially hard hit from the year of virtual learning (2020/2021). The curriculum “handwriting without tears” for Y5’s through 3rd grade will be purchased for the school for $3121.07. Bill has gotten teacher leadership committee approval to use fun run money for this curriculum. Board vote: unanimous yes from internal meeting 11/8.

Teacher appreciation plan

Alison Etter will be spearheading the teacher appreciation for 2021/22 school year. There will be events for teacher appreciation nearly every month. Questions about how to do the potluck this year due to the pandemic, budget could be $0 if the traditional potluck or ~$800 if PTO purchases boxed lunches. TBD dependent on pandemic issues.

Amazon wish lists are active, updated and being promoted. Thanks to Sarah Lindsay for reaching out to teachers.

Kim Payne is updating Eberwhite Facebook page with “Countdown to give Thanks”.

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