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12/15/2021 PTO Meeting Minutes


15 DECEMBER 2021 / 6:30 PM / ZOOM

  • Fundraising update (Josh Kupetz)-absent

  • Principals Update (Bill Harris)

-Report cards went out.

-Survey of students-taking place right now teachers and staff formulated questions to check in on the kids to make sure mental and physical needs are being met by Eberwhite and what they can do better, everyone is looking forward to results which will be forthcoming in the near(ish) future. Hoping for insight on how to help and support the kids.

-LEAD (Learning At Eberwhite for Diversity) partners Grant from the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation. Check to see if there is a line item in the budget from this grant. U of M students who help with special olympics come to Eberwhite and help students with IEP’s and 504.

-Kindergarten round up February 24th.

-Close to closing the books on the playground (after 3 years!), votes happening this week on what the stand alone item to add to the current playground

  • Teacher Update (Sarah Lindsay)-absent

  • Treasurers Update (Lesley Bassin & Corey Ryder)

Helping hands has gotten a big boost from Bill’s shout out. Asking for assistance from Bill in getting another shout out of him. Fundraising burnout may be happening from all of the recent fundraising asks.

  • Sustainability update (Briget Gruber)

-Cara Rosean has taken the lead on getting the plastic recycling containers in the school. The plastic recycled will be made into trex “wood”. Competition for the school who collects the most plastic, winner is a trex bench.

-Good news- AAPS is hiring a sustainability director.

  • Equity Update (Miranda/Abby)

-School equity alliance has ordered books. Books coming in January. Bach school paid for everything upfront. Eberwhite will need to pay them back by March. -Interested parents met with the equity representatives from our PTO and chose whether they wanted to work within Eberwhite or district wide on equity projects, there was a good turn out.

-One book project-Stella Diaz, Mexican American protagonist with many activities at home and in school.

-Equity Fund campaign (Abby)-delayed for when Josh is available. An email strand will be started.

  • Board Vote: Teacher Liaison Alison Etter

Kristin Baker is stepping down from the PTO. Alison Etter has been in charge of teacher appreciation efforts this year. Votes yes: Abby, Corey, Bridget, Lesley, Miranda, Alyssa, Ann. Absent: Josh

  • Events Update (Alyssa)

Date/Logistics for Decade Dance-Not a great time to discuss a big indoor event. Moving it outdoors, winter fest (?), Bill’s suggestion. Abby has spoken with an ice sculptor.

  • PTOC Update (Elena Haviland)

Evanston, Illinois group was brought into the PTOC meeting for a presentation on how they addressed equity issues. This was done by distributing the fundraising efforts in their district evenly. They did this by determining which schools received reduced school lunch, those schools received more funds. All schools fundraise, the money goes into a pot, some schools get more and others get less dependent on the school’s need. Similar to our equity alliance but different and across their entire district. AAPS will be looking at this as a model for our district in the future.

  • Fall In Review (Abby)

Abby is emphasising the fact that our school has a great robust team that makes our school community a fantastic group to be a part of.

Fall In Review:

  • Playground Build

  • 1 event: Fun Run (Oct 23)

  • 7 Fundraisers:

  • Fun Run

  • Takeout Nights (5?)

  • Helping Hands

  • Equity Fund

  • Spiritwear

  • Canopy Tents

  • Nicolas

  • Sustainability:

  • Plastic recycling

  • EBW grounds

  • EBW garden work

  • Application for MI Green Schools

  • Equity:

  • Committee formed, first meeting

  • Partnership with Bach/Mitchell announced

  • One Book, One School initiative planned

  • Teacher Appreciation:

  • Welcome treats

  • Countdown to Giving Thanks

  • Holiday gifts

  • Communications:

  • Volunteer Interest Form-has done a great job getting parents involved.

  • Ways to Support Eberwhite: shopping rewards, donating and helping hands.

Abby notes this is a very active and vibrant PTO group, she is thankful for all the ways we make this board a pleasant place.

Next meeting: January 19th, 2022. Possibly to postpone meeting forward to February if there is little business after the break.

Thanks all around to Bill, from Bill to the board. Bill thanks to Abby.

Meeting adjourned: 7:24 PM

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