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3/17/21 PTO Meeting Minutes

Welcome Parents and Start the meeting

Approve the minutes

Old Business/Updates (25 mins)

Decade Dance recap (Abby)

Takeout Thursday - keep weekly or switch to monthly? (Laura)

Reading Month (Abby)

Principals Report (10 mins)

Teachers Report (5 mins)

Helping Hands (10 mins)

Treasurer's Report (10 mins)

New Business (60 mins or less)

Teacher Appreciation - Lesley updates on recent and planned efforts, Abby update on teacher buttons

Teacher Appreciation - known teacher needs (Katherine)

Teacher Appreciation - open floor up for conversation and brainstorming!

Close the Meeting

Decade Dance-

Abby was a huge success! Kudos to Erica Martin for teaching and working with the teachers. We were also able to offer grab bags. There were 100-150 participants. Generated $1000 :)

Take out Thursday-

We will be moving to monthly going forward in April, May, and June. Marketing done with flyers going home and outside of school.

March is reading month-

Nicola’s fundraiser 20% of sales will go back to our media center through this Saturday. Easy to support EBW from a distance with online shopping. Please enter code Eberwhite. We have already reached our 100 window books.

Principal Update

Decade Dance-what a great success and opportunity!

Big thank you for sponsoring and welcome back for the staff to the PTO. The staff felt special and excited.

Kindergarten Round up- Last night, PTO Abby and Katherine were able to attend. They had 45 attendees.

Report cards-3/26/21

Ms. VanRyan and Mr Harris-put a challenge “Erase the Stigma” virtual 5k-support mental health. We are forming a EBW team. Great community building activity.

Hybrid learning-starts next week. Staff is there to make sure everything is set and ready to go. EBW led the survey results with response. We will be welcoming back 270 students in the hybrid model.

Playgrounds-will be closed before and after school. Need parent support in this matter.

There will be a Q & A session for Y5’s, Kindergarten, and Ms Smith’s classes

Helping Hands-Danni and Jenna are happy to continue their roles in HH.

Treasurer Report- The square ended up being very helpful and made it easy for parents to donate. We also raised $150 to HH directly. There have been some grant requests that have been coming in. PTO feels pretty good about getting these approved. Anyone is able to apply for a grant here

Seeing some teacher stipend coming in, we have also been able to get some students in rec and ed camps.

Teacher Appreciation- We are providing h2o bottles and snacks as they come back to the building. Ms. Wright is gathering photos of the teachers so that they can wear a button of what they look like without masks.

Other Ideas to appreciate our teachers

6 teacher monitors-may need to purchase or donate

Diane Rodrigez-Kino pop up bakery-has offered to do mini loafs of bread

Zingermans lunch box-there is an EBW parent that works there. We should be able to get it at cost (about $10 a box)

Also considering doing a parent ask specifically for the teachers.

Have students put notes on the outside to the teachers (how ms seals did). Put a cork board outside the school for students to leave notes. Also do a signup genius for class notes (may need room parents assistance).

Flower and balloon drop off for teachers.

Sidewalk chalk messages

Lets create a calendar on how we can appreciate the teachers, hoping to have this posted on the PTO website.

5th grade graduation previous budget $350/last year $1000-they are thinking of getting t-shirts for the 5th grade class this year.

Please contact us here

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