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9/15/21 PTO Meeting Minutes

PTO public meeting

15 SEPTEMBER 2021 / 6:30 PM / ZOOM


Bill Harris, Bridget Gruber, Alyssa Friendly, Lesley Bassin, Abby Fanelli, Miranda Budine, Brad Hedeman, Corey Rider, Josh Kupetz, Ann Hilton, Alison Etter, Helen Look, Elena Haviland

Fundraising Updates

Fun Run

  1. Volunteers are needed!!!

  2. There will be two courses to mitigate covid-19 transmission, so that makes the need for volunteers even more critical.

Bulb Sale

  1. Ends 10/15

  2. Flower Power fundraising will ship anywhere domestically please promote to friends and family, near and far.



  1. Current t-shirt available for purchase until 10/1. Banana cream and light blue options are available


Shopping Rewards

  1. This is an easy way for the PTO to earn revenue. Please promote and remember to note Eberwhite when checking out at Kroger, Busch’s, Arbor Farms. Also Amazon Smile and Box tops for Education. Head to the Eberwhite PTO website for details.

Volunteer Opportunities

!!! Volunteers Needed for “ Take out Thursdays” !!!

Eberwhite PTO interest form. Please fill out:

Treasurer Report

Budget Report

  1. Donations to PTO are down this year. The pandemic was a big hit to the Eberwhite PTO fundraising from 2020/21 school year.

Expenses: $53,884

Income: $55,850

Principal’s Report-Bill Harris

  1. Enrollment is stable

  2. Staffing and teachers are stable. Great bunch of new hires

  3. Needed: paid noon hour staff; currently wonderful group of about a dozen volunteers but paid staff for lunch time is needed

  4. Needed: Teacher’s assistants

  5. Coffee & Conversation will be held with Mr. Harris on Tuesdays

  6. 2 cases of covid so far at Eberwhite with zero in school transmission

  7. Eberwhite is dealing with a space challenge (some classrooms have many kids and not enough space).

  8. Outside learning/eating/playing is happening as much as possible.

  9. Device rollout is coming; devices will become regular life for the kids


New Business

Equity Alliance

  1. Reported by Mr. Harris-support of teachers

  2. Build it as we fly (The 3 school alliance)

  3. Conceptual and Philosophical at this stage, PTO needs to approve to move forward

  4. Alyssa-Service experience day

  5. Lesley-Eberwhite author as possibility for “One book, one school”


Motion to adjourn 7:32

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