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4/21/21 PTO Meeting Minutes

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Staff Attendees

Bill Harris

20 total attendees

Prior Meeting Minutes approved

Old Business/Updates

  • Success with the teacher monitors!! We were able to obtain 7 donated monitors for EBW support staff to support their return to in-person school.

  • We were able to raise over $1000 in sales for Nicola's via the fundraiser (yay for supporting local business!) and were able to purchase 45 books for the media center from Mrs. Player's wish list.

Principal Report-Bill Harris

  • EBW had the highest rate of return to school in the district with just over 80%. There have not been any cases of covid in the school this year.

  • Currently planning for 2021-2022 - What will fall look like? Every conversation that Bill has been involved with has been about 5 days in person for the Fall. Enrollment is down. They are starting to think about class/teacher assignments.

  • There will be a form being sent home, for you to share information about your child.

  • State Assessments NWEA window and Mstep window. NWEA is simple and easy for teacher/student to take. MSTEP will be discussed this evening at the AAPS board meeting this evening. NWEA will be done virtually. If they opt in with MSTEP it would be done in person. Grades 3rd-4th ELA and math, 5th is ELA, Math, and Science

  • We will have a (virtual or in-person, TBD) 5th grade move up ceremony, flag lowering ceremony, and a family service night.

Teacher update

  • So grateful for the PTO and parent community and teachers and staff feel the love.

Helping Hands Update

  • They are currently working on signing up kids for summer camp.

  • They will be asking for a donation request coming soon.

Treasurer Report

  • Teacher appreciation ask has raised about $100.

  • Teacher stipend requests still coming through.

New Business

  • Reimagined PTO structure: The aims for next year are clarifying roles, building equity, reducing unnecessary hierarchy in the structure, and building more efficiency into our work. With these aims and additional clarity, the hope is that it will be easier to recruit new members. You'll notice we are working with roughly the same number of Board members, just broken down and organized in a clearer way.

  • Board Chairperson: : responsible for overall coordination of all Board activities; PTOC Representative; Point of Contact with Principal.

  • Events Chair: Alyssa Friendly: responsible for coordinating major events and communication with major events leads. Coordination with Fundraising Chair as needed.

  • Fundraising Chair: responsible for coordinating fundraising activities such as spirit wear and communication with other fundraising leads such as book fair and playground committee. Coordination with Events Chair as needed.

  • Teacher Support & Appreciation Chair: responsible for coordinating ongoing support for teachers, seeking ongoing feedback from teachers to assess need, coordinating teacher appreciation efforts, field trips coordination, and main point of contact with PTO Teacher Representative.

  • Equity Chair: responsible for leading and coordinating Equity Committee and efforts to improve equity at Eberwhite.

  • Sustainability Chair: responsible for coordinating with Woods Committee, Earth Day events, Solar Schools certification, A2Zero initiatives, composting, Eberwhite Garden activities, and other sustainability issues at Eberwhite.

  • Communications Chair: responsible for website maintenance, social media posting, EBW News blasts, and ongoing communication with parents through various channels.

  • Secretary: record meeting minutes and make them accessible to the Eberwhite community.

  • Co-Treasurers (2): responsible for PTO Board finances and budget

  • PTO Interest form: this form is not a commitment, but will help us know who is interested.

  • Want to focus on equity and reduce hierarchy, and get more parents involved.

  • Many new roles, take a look at the link above.

  • Motion to pass new board structure - passed by board but need to consult bylaws for next steps.

  • Garden project-We have a nice donation to help with some TLC love on the EBW campus. We have a parent volunteer that is willing to head this project. Looking to clean out gardens, weed, fix holes, and in general spruce up our school. Looking for parental volunteers. This will be a scheduled and spaced activity, later in the school year. Lets even plant some seeds in the garden, and see what will grow.

  • A number of parents present volunteered to work on the garden project.

  • To start, a committee can make a plan and individuals and families can tackle weeding, etc.

  • Perhaps in the spring we can organize something akin to Woodchip Week, but to work in the gardens.

  • Events for the rest of the year

  • Ice Cream Social-Robin Suter heading this. Ideas:

  • Drive thru

  • Continuing the basket raffles

  • Involve a local ice cream business

  • Reach out to other schools and see what they are doing

  • In person outdoor social outings with teachers would bring big bids at an auction

  • have families do a stand where they bring their ice cream traditions from home and show them off. so outside you give each family a stand that signs up, then they each bring their ice cream, you can visit each others stands from a socially distant distance

  • could we do ice cream socials for each grade...fewer folks at one time

  • Have the Washtenaw Dairy truck come to Allmendinger park

  • The off-campus angle might allow us to work with an ice cream truck, set a route and a schedule of stops through the Eberwhite neighborhood/a local park or two? So people can participate but not all at one location, etc.

  • 5th Grade Promotion

  • Currently looking into some off campus options, socially distanced and masked.

  • They did T-shirts for the 5th grade class

  • Parents-are trying to do a day at the Howell Nature Center

  • 5th grade teachers and Mr Willets are working on baby pics, and songs to keep up with EBW traditions.

  • Teacher Appreciation (week 5/3-5/7)

  • A secret banner is being worked on with Ms George

  • Photo mosaic with yearbook photos

  • Boxed lunches

  • Sign up genius for plant donations

  • Will compile notes and pictures that have been collected via PTO website.

Next board meeting is 5/19/21 @6:30

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