Get Involved


The strength of our community is rooted in an enthusiastic and committed group of parents who lead committees, plan or volunteer at events, support classroom communication, and more.

Some specific areas where we are actively seeking volunteers include: 

  • Committee for Equity - This is a brand new committee so you have the chance to help shape it. Volunteers will help educate and mobilize the Eberwhite community (parents, students, and teachers) around issues of diversity, equity and inclusion that most affect our school; to advance awareness and promote racial justice and racial equality; and to create positive impact and long-lasting change in our community. 

  • Woods Committee - We are stewards of the Eberwhite Woods and are so fortunate to have this incredible resource in our backyard. Volunteers help bridge the connection between the woods, families, and classrooms and can help create programming and resources to make the most of this educational natural resource. 

  • Eberwhite Garden - Our courtyard vegetable and herb garden is both an educational resource and fun excuse to get outside in the fresh air. Volunteers can support maintenance, fundraising, and educational programming at the Eberwhite Garden. No experience necessary!

  • Social Media - Volunteers will creatively work through social media to build community at Eberwhite through virtual spaces. This could include posting or working within specific social media platforms to further connect members of our community.

  • Class Liaisons - One representative from each classroom will serve as a bridge between the PTO and classroom parents and caregivers. Liaisons attend PTO meetings and share news and feedback, while also sharing PTO news and needs back to their classroom community. 

  • PTOC Liaison - The Ann Arbor PTO Council was established to encourage members of all the PTOs in the district to exchange information, ideas, and concerns. A volunteer would attend monthly meetings and act as a liaison between the EBW PTO and the PTOC.

  • Book Fair Leads - Book Fair leads work on the team that plans and operates the book fair, whether they be in-person or virtual. Proceeds from book fairs go to support the school library.

Future ways to get involved:

  • Lunch hour support

  • LEEP volunteers

  • Eberwhite movie night lead planner

  • Super science day volunteers

  • Disability awareness day volunteers

The PTO is always looking for parents, caretakers, and family members to support our work in an ongoing basis in a variety of ways. If you have specific skills or interests to share in the short or long term let us know!

We value all types of family involvement, from year-long commitments to one time volunteers and there is room here for you at the PTO - we hope you'll get in touch.

Please email us to get involved in these categories or if you have ideas for other ways you'd like to be involved.

Besides being fun and rewarding, research shows that there are countless benefits when parents and caregivers are involved with school and their child's education.

Contact the PTO Board or join us at an upcoming meeting.