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Teacher Appreciation

The teachers and staff at Eberwhite work so hard every day to support the students and the PTO is committed to showing our appreciation on an ongoing basis in ways big and small.

The PTO has a teacher liaison with whom we are in frequent contact so we can keep track of the needs, wants and feelings of the teachers and staff. We also work in partnership with Principal Harris to ensure that every student, teacher, staff member and parent has what they need to succeed.

Here are just a few ways the PTO shows our appreciation throughout the school year:

  • Provide stipends to every teacher so they can decide for themselves what will best serve them and their students.

  • Approve grant requests to support music instruction, social work and for every teacher and staff to have a pin with a photo of their face for return to in-person hybrid school.

  • Provide grab and go snacks when teachers and staff came to the school building in August.

  • Hand delivered personalized coffee and tea orders to the homes of every teacher and staff.

  • Left goody bags with notes on the desks of every teacher when they returned to the school building for the first time in a year.

  • Organized a campaign to have families leave notes of support in classroom windows.

  • Sourced community donations for extra monitors for support staff for return to in-person school.

  • Left goody bags for every teacher and staff upon return from spring break.

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