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Plastic Film Recycling

Eberwhite has entered the Trex Recycling Challenge School Program. We will be competing against other Elementary schools with similar enrollment in the Midwest. If we recycle the most lbs. of plastic film then Eberwhite will win a Trex bench for outside of the school. Each student will receive an educational magnet about plastic film recycling provided by Trex in the next few weeks.

Everything has to be dry and clean, but our community can now recycle:

  • Bubble Wrap

  • Plastic mailers

  • Ziploc bags (all plastic food storage bags - clean and dry)

  • Produce bags

  • Amazon bubble mailers

  • Air pillows (non-biodegradable)

  • Bread bags

  • Product and Case wrap (around toilet paper, paper towels, etc.)

  • Newspaper bags

  • Flexible plastics that have the #2, #4, or "Store Drop Off"

  • and of course....PLASTIC BAGS

What is not accepted:

  • Saran wrap/Cling wrap

  • Frozen food bags

  • Pre-washed salad mix bags

  • Chip bags and candy bar wrappers

  • Pet food bags

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