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PTO Meeting Minutes

Mar. 20, 2024 Meeting Minutes


Motion to approve meeting notes from Feb. 21, 2024


Principal/Teacher Updates

• Encourage parents to hold up the staff during this uncertain time of AAPS budget cuts

Sustainability Update

  • Family Earth Day Celebration, Sunday, April 21, 2-4 p.m. Enjoy an afternoon of family activities including Earth day crafts, spring gardening on the Eberwhite grounds (kids and adults are invited to get their hands dirty!), and guided wildflower and bug wood walks. If you are able, we encourage walking or biking to the event and bringing a reusable drink container to reduce our impact. Planning Meeting, Sunday April 7th, 3-5pm. Budget for food and crafts ($200-300)

  • Composting Program website with all “plug and play” materials coming soon. Grad student helping with this

    • Video interviews with Eberwhite students included

  • Funding unlikely for a long time - need for an interim plan - about $2600/year to fund what we do without any AAPS support

  •  We submitted an application and won the highest designation, Evergreen, by MI Green Schools.

  • Funding on carts in school are questionable at this point

  • Name of the game on the sustainability game for recycling and composting is we are playing the long game. We’re ready when there is money for easy implementation.

  • Can we include a note re: plastic recycling in next update:

    • “Reminder: Only stretchy plastics, no crinkly plastics are allowed to be recycled. When you press your thumb into the plastic, the plastic should bend. We have been at risk of having all of our plastic tossed during some dropoffs due to contamination of non-acceptable plastic wrap.”

  • $2,600 to fund the compost program at Eberwhite. Anticipating AAPS will not pay for this program next year.

  • Recycling bins may also go away with AAPS funding cuts

  • Reminder: NO crunchy plastics in plastic film recycling bin


  • Heritage night - form a committee to plan this for next year. Put out call to community in early May

  • Helping hands. Will need another volunteer for next year

PTOC Update

  • 20 for 30 fundraiser currently going on. Promote via EBW PTO.

Teacher/Staff Appreciation

  • Bagel breakfast

  • Ideas for additional appreciation. Weekly luncheon, massage therapist, barcode for coffee drinks, stocking the teachers lounge fridge, campaign for teachers community show appreciation, snack bar, gift cards. Allocate $2,000 extra to fund extra teacher appreciation. Treasurers will followup with the board that the funds are available for his

• Upcoming Events

  • Family Literacy Night TOMORROW, March 21st from 6-7:30 p.m. ($300 Budgeted; $200 for snacks, funded by PTO)

  • Disability Justice: Tentative Planning for early April?

  • Heritage Night: working on forming a committee to hold this event next year

  • Ice Cream Social - June 7 

    • $4,000 Budgeted. Student ticket/wristband structure discussed during ICS planning meeting. Ticket/wristbands will help keep track of food, games. 

    • Meeting happened on March 4th. Roles were assigned. All roles covered?

    • Confirmed: Busch’s for Ice Cream, Little Caesar’s for Pizza (125), Little Conductors

Treasury Update 

• Current Bank balance: $53,280

• Projected Available Balance of $18K

• Library book binding supplies $384

Service Update | Fundraising Update

• Foertmeyer & Sons Service Flower Sale was extended by one week. Pickup flowers on May 21


Feb. 21, 2024 Meeting Minutes


Motion to approve meeting notes from Jan. 17, 2024. Approved 

Principal/Teacher Updates

  • Thank you to the equity committee for office snacks


  • Updates: connect with teachers and admin that have students in need

  • Helping Hands

    • Purchase winter gear

    • Office snacks

    • Valentines

    • Underwear

    • Helping hands closet

    • Ideas: summer snack program bags


    • Community event that includes speaker  presentation, lunch catering, student performance 

    • Feedback: improve communication for what NAPPID is

    • Diversity inclusion equity and belonging

    • Listening to community, students and teachers 

    • Ways to use equity fund. Projects such as include students to create new banners for the front of the school

  • Disability awareness day

    • In progress. Trying to coordinate a date when U of M can bring wheelchairs into the school. Early April 

  • Heritage Night (April)

    • Making it a multicultural night

    • Budget $400

Teacher/Staff Appreciation

• Valentine treats for staff

Spirit Wear

  • • Discussion: Celebration + Looking ahead 

  • • Staff t shirts were delivered today

  • ◦ Tote bag quality is poor. T shirt company subtracted the cost of the bag and families will be charged only $4.25/bag (cost to print the tote bag)


  • Look Back at Decade Dance and NAAPID

  • Decade dance: possibly move it back to spring. Crowd management, have more parent volunteers 

    • Clear message on tickets: here are tickets for your family to enjoy this event with a slice of pizza, 

    • Volunteer coordinator needed for all events

      • Donations $2,218

  • NAPPID - PTO needs to help promote the event 

    • Possibly change time to morning for better attendance 

Upcoming Events

  • Discussion(?): Mind Fair, Feb 28 and 29 ($100 Budgeted)

    • Discussion: Family Literacy Night March 21st from 6-7:30 p.m. ($300 Budgeted; $200 for snacks, funded by PTO)

    • ~10 individuals who completed the sign-up form indicated interest in helping

  • Discussion: Disability Justice: Tentative Planning for early April

  • Discussion: Heritage Night: Possibly April

  • Updates: Ice Cream Social - June 7 

    • $4,000 Budgeted

    • Student ticket/wristband structure discussed during ICS planning meeting. Ticket/wristbands will help keep track of food, games. 

    • ICS Committee Kickoff being scheduled – Doodle responses due Thursday

    • Confirmed: Busch’s for Ice Cream, Little Caesar’s for Pizza (125), Little Conductors

    • Question for Discussion: Thoughts on Kona Ice Truck? Cost would be $900-1,000

Treasury Update 

  • Balance of $37,000

  • Service Update | Fundraising Update

  • Discussion: Foertmeyer & Sons Service will run at the beginning of March for 2 weeks. 


  • Volunteer interest form emails: being forwarded to appropriate folks. Please be sure to respond to these emails, even to say that volunteer is being put on a list for upcoming event(s)

  • Weekly newsletter moved from once/week to twice a month. Feb. newsletters go out 11th and 25th

PTOC Update

  • Cyber safety and bullying

Jan. 17, 2024 Meeting Minutes

Motion to approve meeting notes from Dec. 10, 2023. Approved.


Teacher/Staff Appreciation

  • Hot cocoa kit for staff

Spirit wear update

  • Shop is open. Goes until next Friday 2/2. Every student will receive a free spirit wear t-shirt

  • Spirit wear next school year will be offered at the beginning of the school year

Events Update

  • Volunteer Recruitment, update?

  • Decade Dance, Friday, Feb. 2nd - $1,000 Budgeted

    • Updated decorations needed. 

  • NAPPID, Monday, Feb. 12th 

    • Ms. Blair: food for NAAPID $1,120

    • Ms. Blair: NAAPID lunch Speaker $500 

    • Pennants for decoration 

  • Mind Fair, Feb 28 and 29 - $100 Budgeted

  • Family Literacy Night March 21st from 6-7:30 p.m. - $300 Budgeted

    • $200 for snacks, funded by PTO

  • Ice Cream Social $4,000 Budgeted

    • Student ticket/wristband structure discussed during ICS planning meeting. Ticket/wristbands will help keep track of food, games. 

Treasury Update 

  • Balance of $45,000

  • Grant request: Mr. Willets speaker system repair costs. Estimate is for $4,400. Motion to approve up to $4,400 to repair broken speaker system. Approved.

Equity Update

  • Helping Hands update

    • Emergency fund gift cards ($200)

    • Snack fund for office. Set up gift cards for office staff to use to purchase items

Service Update | Fundraising Update

  • Foertmeyer & Sons Service will run at the beginning of March for 2 weeks. 


  • Volunteer interest form emails: being forwarded to appropriate folks. Please be sure to respond to these emails, even to say that volunteer is being put on a list for upcoming event(s)

  • Weekly newsletter moved from once/week to twice a month. January newsletters go out Jan. 14 and Jan. 28th

  • Two volunteers are interested in communications/secretary roles for 2024/2025. Sean Hoskins and Amanada Miller. We will meet in Feb to go over the roles in more detail

Sustainability Update

  • Ms. Wright - $565 from the sustainability fund

  • Serving materials needed for Decade Dance, NAAPID, and Mind Fair? Compost?

  • Will be applying for Michigan Green School Certification again this year (last year we achieved Emerald Status - a high honor)

  • Continuing Monthly Green Team Mtgs. with other schools and district re: composting and recycling

  • Use our volunteers for compost/trash education at events

PTOC Update

  • Motion to add PTOC rep as voting position on Eberwhite PTO Board. Approved.

  • Feb. 12th meeting on bullying/cyberbullying

Questions/Comments from Parents in Attendance

  • Carley Berger email:

    • Purchase new banners for the front of the school to replace old-looking/faded ones

    • Upgrade audio equipment in the cafeteria for performance

    • Library tables 

Next PTO Meeting is Feb. 21, 2024

Dec. 20, 2023 Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Mollie Douglas, Corey Ryder, Kim Payne, Krista Dunger, Jill Shiffert, Michelle Hubbard, Corey Dukes, Stephanie Raccine, Cara Rosaen, Alison Etter, Miranda Budine

Motion to approve meeting notes from Nov 15, 2023. Approved.

Teacher/Staff Appreciation

  • $20 Amazon gift cards are ready to go out to all staff and teachers

Spirit wear update

  • Designs and colors are chosen. Spirit wear sales will go live in January

  • Every student will receive a free spirit wear t-shirt 

Events Update

  • Proposal on Volunteer Recruitment 

    • This week and week of Jan 8: emails going out to Y5 through 2nd grade via teachers

    • Week of Jan 8: ICS and other event sign-up at drop off

      • Friday Jan 12: Coffee and volunteer sign ups

    • Request to identify the key roles and total number of volunteers needed for recruitment

    • QR code? 

  • Decade Dance, Friday, Feb. 2nd - $1,000 Budgeted

  • Mind Fair, Feb 28 and 29 - $100 Budgeted

  • Family Literacy Night March 21st from 6-7:30 - $300 Budgeted

  • Ice Cream Social logistic meeting planned for January - $4,000 Budgeted 

Treasury Update 

  • Balance of $55,000 

  • Grant request: NAAPID Speaker $500, Ms. Blair. NAPPID is Monday, Feb. 12th

  • Composting program costs will be covered by the district through Dec. 2024

Equity Update

  • Helping Hands update. Campaigns a handful of times a year for teachers to sign kids up for helping hands needs. Current budget is $3,000

    • Safety/emergency fund of gift cards that office staff can hand out.

    • Snack fund

    • Food Donation Bags

    • Closet

      • Requesting gently used items 

    • Budget (snacks/underwear)

  • Teacher Collaboration

  • Equity Committee

Service Update | Fundraising Update

  • Foertmeyer & Sons Service will run at the beginning of March for 2 weeks. 


  • Weekly newsletter moved from once/week to twice a month. Schedule was updated to Slack. Please plan your communications accordingly 

    • Put in a request for a PTO AAPS Email address to contact families directly, specifically a monthly PTO newsletter. Also requested a PTO Zoom account to handle hosting PTO meetings

  • Two volunteers are interested in communications/secretary roles for 2024/2025. Sean Hoskins and Amanada Miller. We will meet in Jan/Feb to go over the roles in more detail

Sustainability Update

  • NO NEED for PTO compost grant money! YAY! AAPS funded compost pickup through an outside contractor this Winter ‘23 through Winter ‘24. They will assess the program in Winter ‘24 at Ann Arbor Open and EBW to see if it is worth funding in the future (along with expanding to fund more AAPS schools).

  • 323.8 lbs plastic (at least) thus far. Needed 1,000 lbs to get the bench

  • Holiday wrap recycling page sent out to all EBW families

PTOC Update

  • Amend (if needed) bylaws to add PTOC rep as voting position. 

Next PTO Meeting is Jan. 17th, 2024


Nov. 15, 2023 Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Corey Dukes, Jill Shiffert, Cara Rosaen, Alison Etter,  Carrie Klimkowicz, Miranda Budine, Corey Ryder, Kim Payne, Laura Welch

Motion to approve meeting notes from Oct 18, 2023. Approved.

Science Olympiad Introduction

  • Presentation from science olympiad team

  • Science Olympiad is run through the WESO and is all volunteer run. Students grades 2-5 can join. Students practice on a team and compete in 15 different science based events. Single day competition on Sat. April 20th at Pioneer High School. 

  • All inclusive team using the “science club” approach

  • Last year 113 students participated with 42 adult event coaches and 38 competition day volunteers

Teacher/Staff Appreciation

  • Halloween parties went well

  • Donuts and cider teacher appreciation

  • Thanksgiving teacher appreciation

  • Include more staff for holiday gifts for a general fund (outside of teachers)

  • Schuler Books fundraiser 

    • $704 was raised

    • 14 books were purchased off the EBW media center shelf for Ms. Player (out of 22 requests)

Events Update

  • Rebecca Slayton, new events co-chair

  • Book fair recap

    • $10,000 in book fair sales. $3,618 in scholastic dollars for the media center to purchase books

    • Donuts & Cider night a success! 

  • Looking for Ice Cream social co-chair(s)

    • Games, food, cake walk, etc.

    • Target appeal to younger parents 1-3rd. Take out “chairs” and list specific tasks

    • Parent night at Wolverine. Volunteer appreciation event

  • Decade Dance

    •  Feb. 2nd

  • Mind Fair, Feb 28 and 29

Treasury Update 

  • $52,000 balance

  • Grant request Ms. Wright for composting and waste education program. Covers commercial composting pickup from Dec. 15-June 15

    • Motion to approve grant for 5th grade composting program. Approved. 

Equity Update

  • Helping Hands

    • Volunteer has emailed the PTO regarding helping hands. What information/guidance can we provide? Should we put her in touch with Jenna and Dani?

    • Kim and Miranda have made initial contact with Jenna to get conversation started. 

  • Equity Committee update

    • Recap of the equity committee meeting on 11/1. Challenges, areas of improvement, things that work well

    • Changes in how events are fun to be more equitable

    • How can PTO form a closer relationship with teachers

    • Disability justice program, 4th graders. Possibly open this to other grades

    • Heritage Night 2024. Possibly a picnic, spaces outside, casual

    • Mind Fair Feb. 28-29. Looking for support for after school helpers

Fundraising Update 

  • Foertmeyer & Sons flower sale fundraiser. Lock down spring dates in December. Find a lead. 

Communications Update

  • Communication with families on what we are doing with the no hassle fundraiser $$. We should ideally update the community each semester on how their $ contributions are being spent

Sustainability Update

  • Grant request Ms. Wright 

PTOC Update

  • Add Laura to email communications

Next PTO Meeting is Dec. 20th, 2023


Oct. 18, 2023 Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Corey Dukes, Mollie Douglas, Krista Dunger, Jill Shiffert, Cara Rosaen, Alison Etter,  Carrie Klimkowicz, Miranda Budine, Corey Ryder, Kim Payne. Michelle Hubbard, Laura Welch

Meeting called to order 6:37 p.m.

Motion to approve meeting notes from September 21, 2023. approved.

Principal/Teacher Updates

  • Volunteer training session for lunch. Discussed safety and security training.

  • Thank you for the Fun Run. The feedback from staff was amazing! Camaraderie with cheers and shirts was well received.

  • Looking forward to the upcoming Halloween parade and classroom parties.

Teacher/Staff Appreciation

  • Schuler’s Books Days Oct. 29- Nov. 4th. Shelf at Schuler’s to purchase books from Ms. Player’s wish list

  • Room parents are full, yay!

  • Eberwhite Pals is full, yay yay!

Events Update

  • Fun Run Recap/thoughts

    • End goal was a sense of belonging, participation. Budget was mainly spent on t-shirts. Happy to follow no hassle-fundraiser with an all inclusive fun run.

  • Ideas for family-center events. Tailgating, 5k, woods walk with cider and donuts.

  • Book Fair Nov. 6-10 (no school 11/7)

    • Add on after school hours for shopping. Ideas are cider & donuts, maybe a short movie (25 mins) in the gym. Wednesday, Nov. 8th Family Night at the Book Fair

    • Kim & Mollie will organize food and movie

Treasury Update 

Equity Update

  • Looking for volunteers to form an Equity Committee to create a checklist of equity related items, create a mission statement, name equity concerns at EBW and in the district

PTOC Update

  • PTOC meetings are all on Zoom, everyone is welcome

  • Focus on equity this school year. Organizing fundraising for title 1 schools

  • My Future Fund - opportunity for families to pay into post high school training program/college for eligible Washtenaw residents

  • Encourage PTO’s to donate to schools without PTO’s

  • Checklist for food allergies when planning an event and will share with the district

Fundraising Update 

  • Met our fundraising goal! Participation rate was 167 families.

  • Motion to all PTO-led events, products and goods will be available at no cost to all defined participants until we have drawn our general fund account down to $15,000, OR we formally change this policy aligned with a revised revenue strategy. The PTO will continue to passively invite donations and provide the QR code at all events, products and goods. If/when the PTO account falls below $15,000, we will consider alternative revenue strategies, or open a new campaign. Approved on 7:58 PM 

Communications Update

  • Send all PTO Corner newsletter communication to Jill by Saturday evenings 

Sustainability Update

  • Green Team mtg 1/month - #1 under our belt #2 will include district, EBW &  A2Open

  • Our reach goal is to establish “plug and play” recycling and compost plans that can be used across district

  • The district can’t fund the $100K it would cost to do compost pick up for the A2 district after the city stops picking it up.

  • We are searching for grants, looking into transporting it ourselves, working with hog farmers, etc… We are not sure when the city will stop picking up compost from the city, but on a yearly basis it would cost EBW and A2Open (the 2 pilot school) $2250/year. 

  • Begun a new recycling plan at EBW (plastic bags can’t go in the recycling bins) that the fifth graders and custodial staff are implementing.

  • Have volunteer for plastic recycling (could use another as well) - last count 126.5 lbs.

Spirit Wear

  • Designs are coming very soon with spirit wear store open shortly after

Open PTO Roles

  • Helping Hands

  • Ice Cream Social Chair(s)

  • Communications (24-25)

  • Secretary (24-25)

  • Equity Co-Chair (24-25)

  • Book Fair (24-25)

Meeting adjurned at 8:15 p.m.

Next PTO Meeting is Nov 15th, 2023

Sept. 18, 2023 Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Corey Dukes, Mollie Douglas, Krista, Jill Shiffert, Cara Rosaen, Alison Etter,  Carrie Klimkowicz, Miranda Budine, Corey Ryder, Kim Payne. Michelle Hubbard

Meeting called to order at 6:39 p.m.
Motion to approve meeting notes from May 17, 2023. Approved.


Welcome to Board and Community Members 


Principal/Teacher Updates

  • Eberwhite has 370 students this school year. A 4th grade classroom was added at the beginning of the school year and a full-time 4th grade teacher will be hired. Looking for volunteers and TA support. 

Teacher/Staff Appreciation

  • Update on the Tools for School. Huge success!! 

  • Eberwhite Pals. Still in need of Eberwhite pal signups. 

  • Schuler’s Book Days Oct. 29-Nov 4. Shelf of EBW wish-list at the store for purchase and use in the EBW library.

  • Amazon Wishlist Countdown. Table this effort for this year due to lack of response last year.

  • Room Parents: missing 6-9 classrooms. Will include specific classroom teachers in PTO corner to help fill those roles.

Events Update

  • Wood Chip Day a success! Thank you to the volunteers.

  • Fun Run update

    • Thursday, Oct. 12th

    • This year’s Fun Run is reimagined and will not be part of a fundraiser. The event’s focus will be on building school belonging, equity and wellbeing. 

    • Fun Run t-shirts will be provided to ALL students and teachers. Cost for t-shirts is $2,500

    • Volunteers will record student’s laps. Popsicles will be handed out at the end of the event. Ribbons will be given out. 

  • Book Fair Nov. 6-10th 

Sustainability Update

  • New Green Team at Eberwhite whom will create a list of goals for the school year (Brigette Clemens, Bridget Gruber, Dave Corsa, Steven Jarvi, Erin Wright (maybe), and Cara Rosaen)

  • Update on talks with the district. Ms. Hubbard is meeting with the city on how to use the city compost bins. Onsite compost had major issues: 1. Flooded due to a hose being left on and 2. the district has stopped letting schools do onsite composting because of animals. 

    • Eberwhite is a model compost school for the district. 

  • Volunteer help for plastic film dropoff. Will put in the newsletter, etc.

  • Sustainability funds $1,000/year

Treasury Update 

  • Cash on Hand Update - Expenses & Income

    • Balance $42,061. Future Balance $37,732 (after pending charges) Future Balance $40,800 after income in August. Future balance after budgeted items for the school year $24,600

  • No-Hassle Fundraiser Update & Statistics

    • No-hassle fundraiser $15,080 (square fees $422, not subtracting to simplify)

  • Positive Reception on Increasing the Teacher Stipends.

  • In need of a person to shadow current co-treasurer this school year to take over the role for next year 

Equity Update

  • Teacher Collaboration

    • Way to approach the framework for building equity. Equity team will create a vision statement and create goals for the year.

    • Family Literacy Night and Heritage Night. Possibly merge the two this year? 

  • Eberwhite Equity Committee. Welcome everyone to have conversations on equity with the equity team.

Fundraising Update 

  • Reminder… goal is $30,000 and 90% participation.

    • Fundraising Update… today’s total is $15,000

      • We’re roughly 8 days into the 21 day campaign. 

      • With the flyer going home on Wednesday, and the email on Thursday, can we get to $20,000 by Monday morning, Sept 25th? If yes, we’re feeling good about the pace. If we’re trailing $20k, we’ll need to ramp up activities the week of Oct 2nd. Stay tuned…

      • Big thank you to everyone for giving this a try, and all the work you’ve done to support it!

  • Spirit Wear

    • Working on getting a Fall semester spirit wear available to families. Spirit wear will likely be at cost again this year and is optional for families to purchase. 

Communications Update

  • Funnel all info to communications chair to be distributed via PTO Corner newsletter and email blasts.

Next PTO Meeting is Oct. 18, 2023. Meeting adjourned at 8:04 p.m.

May 17, 2023 Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Mollie Olinyk, Kristin Baker, Armen Hratchian, Corey Dukes, Corey Ryder, Jill Shiffert, Miranda Budine, Judy Eveler, Krista Duger, Alison Etter


Meeting called to order: 6:36 p.m.


Motion to approve April 19 meeting notes: approved.


Principal/Teacher Update:

  • Ms. Hubbard. Busy month of May with field trips, activities and testing. Admin will take as many lunch volunteers as possible for the last few weeks of school.

  • Cathy Glei - Thank you to PTO for supporting Eberwhite staff this school year.


Teacher/Staff Appreciation:

  • May appreciation efforts recap. Filled bathroom basket & coffee machine. Staff Teacher Appreciation Luncheon. Last minute Jimmy John's order was placed to have enough food.

  • Teachers filled out a form with school supply requests that were fulfilled by PTO. The need for school supplies was big!

  • “School Supply Drive” idea for the Fall. 

  • New staff member packet to introduce new staff on what PTO does and how we can support them.


Events Update:

  • Ice Cream Social

    • Wording to go out to families for the 15 tickets per family. Mollie/Corey R. will work on this. Many volunteers are needed for this event!

    • Auction baskets: classroom baskets have been assigned. Bid sheets will be present at Ice Cream Social. Bid sheets will end at 7pm and the winners will be contacted via text. Payments will be accepted via Square on site.

  • Decade Dance

    • Recap: the energy was great and a fun time. 


Treasury Update:

  • Balance $32,858. Many pending charges for field trips, reimbursements, teacher stipends, grant funding, etc. Estimated $15,000 balance for the next school year.

  • Profit for Decade Dance was approx. $2,000

  • Tentative planning meeting in early June and August to plan for next school year.

  • Field trips - where are we at with processing?


MOTION: To approve Social Emotional Learning curriculum for next school year, est. cost $400. Approved


Sustainability Update:

  • Cara Rosaen is interested in the Sustainability Chair role for 23-24 school year

  • Woods walks are going on with each grade level


Equity Update:

  • Kim Payne is interested in the Equity Chair role for 23-24 school year


PTOC Update:

  • Haisley Elementary requested to fund clay pug mill. Eberwhite does not work enough with clay but is willing to contribute to funds to purchase one.

  • More transparency to how other schools are supporting school supplies.

  • PTO training is coming back. A questionnaire was sent to the current PTO board on what the ideal time to hold this training.

  • Student Voices. Presentation on supporting students on their way to adulthood.


Fundraising Update:

  • Flower Sale flowers  will be delivered on Monday, May 22nd at 11:30 am. Volunteers will be needed to help distribute flower purchases.

  • No-Hassle Fundraiser Plan

    • Need to set a fundraising goal. Decide to hold one or two fundraising events. Meeting will be planned to discuss the plan for the 23-24 school year.


PTO Board for 2023-2024:

  • Positions that need to be filled

    • Events chair and co-chair

    • Sustainability - Cara Rosaen nominated

    • Fundraising co-chair

    • PTOC liaison

    • Equity chair - Kim Payne nominated

  • Current Board Members 

    • Co-President: Mollie Olinyk, Corey Dukes

    • Teacher Appreciation: Alison Etter

    • Treasury: Corey Ryder, Krista Dunger

    • Fundraising: Armen Hratchian, Kristin Baker

    • Communications: Jill Shiffert

  • Include position descriptions for vacant seats in the newsletter

    • And targeted emails to class parent lists? 


Motion to nominate Cara Rosaen as the new Sustainability Chair for 23-24 school year. Approved.


Motion to nominate Kim Payne as the new Equity Co-Chair for 23-24 school year. Approved.


Next PTO Meeting is TBD. Meeting adjourned at 8:07 p.m.


Apr 19, 2023 

Attendees: Mollie Olinyk, Kristin Baker, Corey Dukes, Corey Ryder, Jill Shiffert, Miranda Budine, Judy Eveler, Krista Duger, Alison Etter. 


Meeting called to order at 6:40 p.m.


Motion to approve March 15th meeting notes. Approved.


Principal/Teacher Updates:

  • No principal update and no updates from Ms. Racine


Teacher/Staff Appreciation:

  • Upcoming secretary, nurse, lunch, and principal days are covered

  • Teacher appreciation luncheon: Tuesday, May 9th. Sign up genius is available for those who want to help.

  • Working on some other ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week


Treasury Update: 

  • Presentation on Current PTO Balance

    • Current status of PTO Balance $38,224 (as of March 31, 2023)

      • Pending charges $5,700 

      • $32,500 balance after pending charges - the future balance $5,602

      • Future Balance $18,365 (money PTO must keep aside and is budgeted for)

    • Potential Income: Decade dance could raise $1,000. Ice cream social could bring in $2,000. Total potential balance $10,652 to rollover for 2023-2024 school year

    • Treasurers ask PTO to have a $10k-$15k remaining balance (safety net) to carry over for the 2023-2024 school year for the first semester next school year. 

  • Spring flower Sale profits were $2,000



  • Successful Family Literacy Night!

    • Students, teachers/staff and parents enjoyed this new community event. Teachers/staff are planning for next year. PTO will find out how to best budget for next year’s event to meet the needs of the teachers/staff.

  • Decade Dance! Friday, April 28 6-8pm 

    • PTO will be asking for donations for entry to the dance instead of paid entry. Food items will be for sale at the dance.

    • Volunteer needs are close to being met.

  • Ice Cream Social! June 2

  • Equitable Ticketing Plan. 15 tickets ($7.50 worth) will be distributed for every student at no cost. Additional tickets will be available for purchase.

  • Pizza will be offered by the slice (no whole pizzas available).

  • Auction baskets. Every class will donate a basket and be available for a silent auction. Teacher experiences will be also raffled. 

  • Volunteer needs will go out after decade dance is over.

  • A kickball game will happen instead of soccer. Anyone who wants to play can play.


Equity and PTOC: 

  • $60,000 was raised by PTOC for Title 1 schools.

  • Joint funding in the works for a pug mill (scraps of clay to reuse clay and have less clay waste)

  • Met with Ms. Hubbard and Ms. Blair on ways to improve future events book fair, NAPPID, literacy night

  • Consider a new model for next school year with additional teacher and PTO board member to facilitate future events. 


Sustainability Update

  • Wildflower woods walks with classrooms (Amanda Lodge helping with this)


PTO Board for 2023-2024

  • Positions that need to be filled

    • Events chair and co-chair

    • Sustainability

    • Fundraising co-chair

    • PTOC liaison

    • Equity chair


Meeting adjourned at 8:19 p.m. Next meeting May 17th, 2023

03/15/23 PTO Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 6:35 p.m.


Motion to approve February 8th meeting notes. Approved.


Principal/Teacher Updates: 

  • Literacy night planning is up and running for the event on April 18th, 6-7:30 p.m. 

  • Eberwhite has been experiencing a lot of illnesses with many staff and students out sick. Ms. Hubbard has been putting in requests for deep cleaning in affected classrooms. 

  • Staff is starting to gear up for end of the year activities: 5th grade graduation (will happen on the last ½ day of school (breakfast, graduation, flag lowering ceremony)

  • Planning and scheduling for next school year. Every grade level will submit a rough budget for the next school year to help PTO budget for next school year.


Decade Dance: 

  • Decade Dance will happen on Friday, April 28th 6-8 pm. Students will learn a different decade dance as well and an all-school dance. 


Ice Cream Social: 

  • Many volunteers needed to make this event a success! It was discussed to move this event from a paid event to a free community event starting this year. 


Family Literacy Night: 

  • April 18th. 6-7:30 p.m. PTO will be assisting with purchasing snacks, gathering volunteers for the event and recruiting celebrity readers. 


Equity and PTOC: 

  • Multicultural international nights are in the works

  • PTOC fundraiser is currently going on for Ann Arbor Title 1 elementary schools with a $30,000 goal


Fundraising Update: 

  • Flower Sale

    • Will be extending the flower sale fundraiser one more week to try and hit our goal. 

  • No-Hassle Fundraiser 

    • Change the structure of PTO social events to make them more equitable and fun for all students. The no-hassle fundraising strategy will start in Fall 2023 to reach the obtainable goal. 


Treasury Update: 

  • Doing ok financially with a surplus of funds carried over from Covid years.

  • Excited and looking forward to working with the fundraising team and staff to budget for next school year. 


Sustainability Update: Bridget

  • Received MI Green Schools Award, flag and certificate coming, Bridget will share language for the newsletter and social media

  • Water fountain cups: these can be recycled; however, I wonder if the school can stop using single use cups and use just the fountain instead?

  • Lunch compost program going well! Shout out to the compost crew, Dave Corsa (retired teacher), lunch volunteers, and 5th grade teachers. Plan to train 4th graders to be compost crew in May so they are ready as 5th graders next year.


Meeting adjourned at 8:18 p.m.


The next PTO meeting is April 19th, 6:30-8 p.m.

02/08/23 PTO Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Mollie Douglas, Judith Eveler, Krista Dunger, Kristen Baker, Jill Shiffert,  Miranda Budine, Helen Look, Corey Ryder, Armen Hratchian, Alison Eter


Meeting called to order at 6:36 p.m.


Principal Teacher Update

  • February is a busy month with Valentine's day (2/14), NAPPID (2/13), kindergarten round up (2/23)

  • Thank you for the staff pullovers provided by PTO

  • Teacher update concern about how PTO is supporting our school wide events. Does PTO have set aside funds for these types of needs (ex. Productions, assemblies)? Teachers prefer not to use their classroom stipends for these types of requests. 

    • Discussion from PTO included better communication with teachers on upcoming productions and assemblies so we can budget for these events. Advance notice is appreciated so we can better support teachers and school wide events.


PTO President Updates 

  • PTO council meet and greet. An invitation from the Ann Arbor Open Neighboring Council to have a get together with Eberwhite PTO to learn from each other and see what is going on at other schools in the community. Corey Dukes plans to attend this meeting and will report back to PTO.

  • UM Student request (workshop). A graduate student at U of M senior design student who is working on an app to help make healthy food choices. The student is looking for a group of parents and students to test out the app. Ms. Hubbard will look into if the district can give approval to support this request.


Staff Spirit Wear - Update

  • Staff gear has been ordered! Krista has been connected to the vendor to process payment

  • Staff gear will be ready for pickup on 2/20 and will be dropped off at school on the 21st by Corey D and/or Alison


PTOC Equity

  • An analysis of PTO budgets across the district was conducted. The average PTO spending per student is $40-$238. PTOC is looking at the disparity between the different schools. Schools with lower PTO incomes have less funds per student. The PTOC is trying to bring some transparency of the inequities across the district, for example the inquiry of field trips across schools in the district. 

  • PTOC will be launching a fundraiser (goal is $20,000) to help boost PTO funds for schools in need of funds.

    • Eberwhite will help promote this PTOC fundraising effort and future efforts.

    • Eberwhite PTO Equity team will further discuss ways that Eberwhite can make changes to make PTO funds more equitable and will report back to PTO.

  • AAPS PTO (in)Equity Talking Points

  • Infographic Summary of Meeting

  • The next PTOC meeting will be on Monday, Feb. 13th from 7:00-8:30 pm (zoom). There will be dedicated time to listen to PTO feedback, perspectives, and ideas. Questions or concerns about the meeting or upcoming equity fundraiser can also be shared directly with the 

  • If we wish, we can update our PTO budget information or money in reserves information in the PTOC database at any time.
    Link to previous recordings 


Treasury Update

  • Motion to approve a grant request from Sarah George for $500 art room fabric supplies and $700 for area rug. Approved. A request to Eberwhite parents will be made for tennis balls and clipboards. 

  • New budget line item was added. “Even Exchange” where we are an intermediates to help pay for things. Exact money comes in and out. This will involve going back to reviewing previous purchases.



  • New Fundraising Approach: Draft overview by Armen.

    • Beginning this Spring 2023, Eberwhite will focus on no-hassle fundraising efforts and less on fundraising via events (ex. ice cream social). The first fundraising campaign is slated for March 2023.

  • Flower Sale: Kristin is hoping for some ideas on promoting the Spring PTO flower sale and incentive to sell. The sale involved online ordering and pickup of flowers in May at Eberwhite school. Sales will take place the first week of March.

Events Update

  • Literacy Night

    • An upcoming planning meeting is happening soon for The  Literacy Team to bring back mystery readers. Parents will lead classroom door decorating with paper books. Students will be invited to wear PJ days every Friday. The Literacy Team is also looking into bringing “Readers Theater” to the school for a performance. The team is planning a Literacy Night “read s'more books” with campfire theme and an outdoor storybook walk. 

  • Book Fair Spring ‘23

    • Try another book vendor with either Usborne / Literati. Spring Book fair date TBA.

    • Resume Scholastic in the Fall 2023

  • Decade Dance 

    • Confirmed for Friday, April 28, all-school assembly at 2:30 p.m. and evening community dance from 6-8 p.m. Mollie, Emily Fanelli and Kristin Baker are taking the lead on the dance planning, but will need many volunteers! 

  • Ice Cream Social

    • Friday, June 2nd. Robin is still looking for a co-lead to help plan the event and take over next year as the lead. 



  • Sustainability Idea

    • Reduce use of bottled water/paper cups at Eberwhite Events. Implement some sort of point system for bringing a reusable water bottle to school events. Not sure what the incentives could be - classroom competition, free treat at events, whatever we can dream up - but an effort to reduce the number of bottled waters and/or paper cups we provide at events like Fun Run/Decade Dance/Ice Cream Social etc. 


Other business

  • Posting meeting minutes to the PTO website

    • PTO will post backlogged PTO meeting minutes to the PTO website.

    • New procedure to approve meeting minutes. At the next PTO meeting, a motion will be made to approve meeting minutes from the last meeting. Those approved minutes will then be uploaded to the PTO website in a timely manner.

  • *NEW* Finance tab can be found here:

    • Can’t find check request link go to ⤴️

    • Can’t find the grant reques link? ⤴️

    • Want to see the budget? ⤴️

    • Want to see if your question has already been asked? ⤴️


Updates on Google Drive!

  • Updates have happened!

  • NEXT year we will move the 2022-2023 into the Shared Folder and moving forward, 2024+, we will have the PTO email be the “owner” of all the documents we create


Meeting adjourned at 8:24 p.m.


Next PTO meeting is March 15, 2023 6 p.m. in-person and via Zoom

01/18/23 PTO Meeting Minutes

Board members in attendance: Corey Dukes, Mollie Olinyk, Krista Dunger, Judith Eveler, Miranda Budine, Corey Ryder, Jill Shiffert, Armen Hratchian, Kristin Baker


Meeting called to order 6:33 p.m.



    • NAAPID Proposal Update

      • PTO will provide the funds for the planned lunch for staff and parents. Eberwhite school will fund the author fee portion of the proposal. PTO expressed interest in brining the author in at a future date give a longer talk to parents during an evening event.

    • Green Schools Application:  Application due on March 1st.

    • Principal Update

      • Kindergarten Roundup will be Feb. 23, 6-7:30 p.m. This event will include a  Powerpoint presentation and have PTO representatives present.

  • Science Olympiad

    • Science Olympiad is a science club with a competition on May 13th. The program runs March-May 2023. The program is volunteer-led by parents and includes 12 events for 2-5th graders. There will be an upcoming parent meeting on 1/24 at 4pm and a Zoom meeting 1/25 at 6pm. Registration is online.



  • Budget. Treasurers are continuing to support Eberwhite teachers with classroom and field trip funds.

  • Will be meeting with Kristin & Armen to discuss the future of fundraising. 

  • Report out on Expenses/Budget


Spirit Wear

  • Spirit wear store is live! 

    • Sales will start on Friday, 1/20 both online and by flyer order form. Eberwhite staff requested a separate staff-only t-shirt, purchased by PTO. The final design and order is still being worked out.

    • Spirit wear fundraising

      • $1,000 typically goes to PTO fundraising. For next school year, the goal is to make spirit wear non-fundraising and sell at cost, with the option to donate spirit wear to students in need.

  • Possible fundraising strategy for 2023

    • Ideally, PTO would like to ask parents to give big twice a year (fundraising events). This plan is still in the works and would begin in 2023-2024 school year.



  • Lantern Walk (Feb. 11)

    • We think this would be best to hold this even NEXT December (2023), when the event can be held earlier in the evening (when dark) 5:30 pm. 

  • Decade dance

    • The decision is to potentially move this to April to avoid uncomfortableness with winter illness. Proposed date is April 28th. 

  • Non-fundraiser event ideas: Reading night. Family heritage night.

  • Mind Fair (Mar 1-2)

    • More volunteers are needed for the after school learning work sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays The evnet will take place on March 1-2 with posters on display in the cafeteria. The open house will take place on March 1st, in the evening for parents.

  • 2023 Fun Run 

    • PTO proposal to make it an all inclusive event and hold the event on a school day during school hours. Other schools hold fun runs during the school year to make the event more inclusive to all students.

  • Ice Cream Social (June 2)

    • Reach out to Robin to speak at the February PTO Meeting on organizing Ice Cream Social 


NEXT PTO MEETING, WED. FEB. 8th 6:30 p.m.


Meeting adjourned at 7:59 p.m.

12/14/22 PTO Meeting Minutes

Board members in attendance: Corey Dukes, Mollie Olinyk, Krista Dunger, Alison Etter, Bridget Gruber, Judith Eveler, Miranda Budine, Corey Ryder, Jill Shiffert, Kristin Baker


Meeting called to order: 6:45 pm (late because of Zoom technical difficulties)



  • Principal Update

    • Eberwhite will hold a MLK celebration where parents are welcome. Info will be sent out soon via email.

  • Teacher Appreciation

    • We are wrapping up “countdown to giving” for teachers and staff. $20 Amazon gift cards were given for all the staff members for the winter holidays.

  • Spirit Wear

    • Spirit wear t-shirt and sweatshirt designs are set to go. PTO will begin selling spirit wear in January after the winter break. Sales will be online and order form (cash/check).


NAAPID Day proposal 

    • The idea is to engage, inspire, involve and motivate Eberwhite parents to come to the school and celebrare, learn, share and unite the diversity in the community. The intent is to make this an annual event with a new culture being celebrated each year.

    • Monday, Feb 13, 2023

    • 5th graders guide parents on classroom visits in the morning

    • Lunch for staff and parents only will be provided by Cuppy’s Best Soul Food

    • Appearance and Q&A by Supriya Kelkar (author, ‘Strong as Fire, Fierce as Flame’)

    • Afternoon and Evening musical performance of the play “The Quilt Speaks, the Secret Messages of Songs and Quilts”by 4th and 5th graders

    • Total Cost: $2081.06

      • Proposed to be split 50/50 school and PTO

  • Krista - shared about grant rubric and invited Mr. Willets/Ms. Blair to submit proposal. PTO will vote on to approve via email after the proposal is submitted.



  • Winter Events survey

    • 100 responses from the survey. Consensus is for the Winter Woods Lantern Walk with cocoa and cookies on Feb. 11th. The details will come in January. 

  • Mind Fair

    • Volunteer judges. Host after school sessions in Jan. and Feb. for students who need help with their projects. The event will take place on March 1-2, 2023

  • Family Reading Night and Family Heritage Night event ideas are in the works



  • PTO closet clean out recap

    • Tell your teachers to take what they need from supply shelf with surplus of napkins, utensils, plates, paper towels

    • Need help moving out one large heavy trash item

    • Thank you Ann for taking truckload of donations to PTO thrift shop!

    • Still need to organize/sort through decade dance bins 

    • What to do with cupboard full of adult size tees? We think these t-shirt were a misorder in 2020 and the company sent adult t-shirts instead of child sizes. The correct child sizes were distributed to students and we are left with many adult size t-shirts. Possible ideas are to give the t-shirts away at future Eberwhite events and/or distribute them to new staff that need spirit wear.


PTO Council

  • DEI, 12 Days of Giving, Helping Hands/Gardens/DEI committees/Field Trips, and Safety

  • Questions regarding Field Trip funding: 

    • Would someone be able to summarize how our PTO handles funding for field trips? 

      • PTO covers one trip per class

      • The 3rd grade and 5th grade trips are a little bigger and funded in part by class parents

    • Do we have a policy or guidelines that we can share?

    • Do we handle curriculum field trips differently? For example, one of the other schools is looking to fund a field trip to Lansing for their third graders and looking for ideas on how other schools like us are covering the cost. I know we've talked about the 3rd grade Lansing trip at past PTO meetings, but I did not catch the final decision about funding and details.

      • Relevant teachers (i.e. Mrs. Bernstein) does the behind-the-scenes legwork

Fundraising (Armen and Kristen are unable to attend)

  • Spirit Wear will happen in January

  • Take out Thursday update? No update at this meeting.



  • PTOC Questions

  • Decade dance income was $2,000 in past years if we want to consider bringing it back next school year. Survey consensus was to not hold an indoor event this winter.

  • Scholastic Book Fair

    • Fall book fair was successful! The library gains $3,600 scholastic dollars to spend on new library books.

  • Nicola’s/Schuler’s 

    • $677 was made and will go to the library


Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

11/16/22 PTO Meeting Minutes

Board members in attendance: Corey Dukes, Mollie Olinyk, Krista Dunger, Alison Etter, Bridget Gruber, Judith Eveler, Miranda Budine, Corey Ryder, Jill Shiffert, Armen Hratchian, Kristin Baker



  • Welcome New Fundraising Chairs Kristin and Armen

  • Eberwhite PALS 

    • Everyone who is signed up is covered by a parent volunteer

  • Principal Updates (Michelle Hubbard)

    • Busy time right now with book fair, pancake supper and Thanksgiving break

  • Green Schools Award

    • Application opens in January. Can purchase a flag to display.

  • Eberwhite was gifted a large canvas art piece to be hung in the auditorium. 

  • Lunch room volunteers in great need from 11:15/11:20 and finished by 1pm



  • Scholastic Book Fair (currently underway)

    • Need of more volunteers to be successful, especially during the pancake supper.

  • Winter Event Ideas

    • Traditionally in February Eberwhite has held a decade dance. A survey was sent out to gather input on the decade dance or other suggestions. Will send the survey out one more time.

  • Mind Fair

    • Students run their own investigation and present their findings. March 1-2, 2023. Lucia Guerri

  • Family Reading Night idea (Literacy team)



  • Nicola’s/Schuler Books Fundraisers

    • Check will be mailed to Eberwhite PTO. The amount raised is still unknown.

  • Winter Spirit Wear

    • Discussed possibly changing the spirit wear selling model to sell at cost instead of for profit. The goal is to get spirit wear sales up as soon as possible. Also put a call out for “vintage spirit” wear donations for kids who have no spirit wear.

  • New Fundraising Ideas

    • New fundraising chairs (Armen and Kristin) are working on which fundraising ideas to pursue based on building community and achieving fundraising goals.

  • 5th Grade Book Room Donations

    • A wave of donations came in $700. Still need $1,300. A donation end date will be established.


Teacher Appreciation 

  • Eberwhite PALS

  • Amazon Wishlist Countdown starts Monday



  • $42 income balance

  • $2,800 in donations

  • Fun Run $9,000 profit

10/19/22 PTO Meeting Minutes

Board members in attendance:

Corey Dukes, Mollie Olinyk, Krista Dunger, Alison Etter, Ann Hilton, Bridget Gruber, Judith Eveler, Miranda Budine, Corey Ryder, Jill Shiffert


Meeting Called to Order at 6:31 p.m.


Helping Hands Update

Started off helping all kids at Eberwhite play Rec & Ed sports, plus equipment for sports. Also evolved to coats, boots, gloves. Whatever the need is, go to the principal and teachers and Helping Hands will find a way to make it work. Other examples are needs in the past were food needs, storage space for a family being evicted, camps, pay bills, car repair. There is no need Helping Hands can not meet. Fundraising efforts include parent fundraiser events, donation campaigns, etc. Let new Eberwhite families know this program exists and how to help. Dani and Jenna are no longer at Eberwhite but continue to help at Eberwhite. PTO has $5,000 set aside for this school year to Helping Hands. Helping Hands program is a specific option on the Square donation site. 


Principal Update 

  • Thank you from Ms. Glei for the $3,000 Book Room funds from PTO.  We are also seeing donations come in from parents.

  • Halloween celebrations are coming up with the parade and classroom parties. Costumes available for students who do not have a costume. Separate areas will be set up for students who do not celebrate. 


Woodchip Day on Friday!

  • We have a good amount of volunteers. The weather should be much better on Friday. 

Fun Run Saturday!

  • Looking good for a fun event. We might need to move the tracks because of mud. This is a TBD.

Scholastic Book Fair

  • On for Scholastic Book Fair Nov. 16-18. Possibly reconsider doing a longer book fair next year. 

  • Will need volunteers for the event. 

  • Suggestion to have the book fair open as many hours as possible. Before and after school. 

  • Will look into book fair options for Spring and next Fall. Literati is another option for a book fair.

  • Margaret Nelson volunteered to coordinate equity efforts to make book fairs more equitable.


Notes for Fun Run planning 2023

Fun Run ideas to make the event more inclusive.

Do during the school year. Class with the most laps, gets a pizza party. No trophies that are given out later. 

Budget Updates

  • Moving to Google forms for check requests, in an effort to be paperless in November

  • Expenses. Only 10 or so teachers have used their teacher stipends so far. The Book Room renovation project has been funded. PTO Vests could be an option to let people know who to contact.



  • Take out Thursdays on hold

  • Nicola’s fundraiser Nov. 6-12th

  • Movie Night Planning for Winter event ideas


Teacher Appreciation

  • Send any updates by Thursday morning for staff emails.

  • Eberwhite Pals had 30 staff members sign up and an equal number of parents volunteer signus


  • Organizing the PTO Closet

    • Will set up a time to get volunteers to clean it out, do an inventory and organize.


Meeting adjourned 8:08 pm

09/21/22 PTO Meeting Minutes

Board Attendees: Corey Dukes, Jill Shiffert, Mollie Olynik, Miranda Budine, Krista Duger, Alison Etter, Ann Hilton, Bridget Gruber, Judith Eveler 


  • Highest Priority

    • Wood Chip Day  - Oct. 19 (rain day Friday Oct 21)

    • Budget = $700

      • We likely won’t need this budget – it’s fail safe funds in case district can’t come through

        • [Ms. Hubbard] that’s all covered and set

          • They’ll dump the chips at 2 Ridgemoor (just off Liberty)

      • Sustainability efforts (jug of water, b.y.o bottle, compostable cups)

        • We may *not* even need to supply water

      • NOTES: [Ms. Hubbard] wasp issue being monitored by AAPS grounds team. They’ll walk the path ahead of time and make sure it’s clear

        • VOLUNTEERS: maybe need concierges added to the volunteer list

          • The real big push is for sleds for the kids to drag the chips

            • Collect ahead of time, in front of school

    • Fun Run (Oct 22) - OUR BIGGEST FUNDRAISER (kids raise through Rally Up website)

      • Biggest need is event lead volunteers 

      • ACTION: Send the blurb to Mrs. Racine for inclusion in class emails

      • ACTION: Target + McDonalds to reach out about volunteer days for them

      • Budget = $5000

        • Trophies, decorations 

          • [Ms Hubbard] What about medals instead of trophies? 

            • [Mollie] 

          • sustainable/reusable decorations

          • Get 100 laps maybe name engraved

        • Joseph Kjar is working on the Rally Up

          • QR codes will be released

    • Winter Event Ideas / Survey to gauge parent interest



  • Budget for the 22’-23’ year

  • Grants submission process and Rubric

  • Grant Requests so far - Grant Request Form (Responses)

    • Book Room Renovation Discussion

      • Vote on Book Room Renovation Request?

  • Check Requests


    • ACTION: - Draft the email 

      • Memo is going for Ms. Glei Request

      • On the blast send a check or do the square

    • ACTION: Go to the community for assistance - 5th Legacy

    • Create a check request paper 

    • 10 Yes - For 3K for the Ms. Glei

  • Trailhead signage for PTO info on playgrounds (Mollie) 

    • Grant Form Possible to verify objectives + cost

Teacher Appreciation

  • Current Budget Outlook

    • ACTION: Add the budget for teacher appreciation

  • Eberwhite Pals

    • “Adopt” a staff member 

    • Once a month bring the lunch for the staff member

    • Or bring a coke to a teacher

PTO Council 

  • Virtual book about Eberwhite and our histories

  • DEI

  • Oct 17 at 7pm its the school board candidate form and it's open to anyone.

  • How do we push that information?

  • Facebook, Twitter, PTO website, principal newsletter, Flyers

  • Email of the PTOC 

    • Alana was an old rep and provided that info



  • Fundraising Chair

  • Tie Dye 

    • Converse with Ms. George with her Plans and probable execution options

    • ACTION: Have Ms. George fill out the grant application

  • Bulb Sale

    • All systems go?

    • ACTION: Goes to the newsletter for Ms. Hubbard (by friday preferred)

  • Nicolas (now called Schuler) Book Store

    • Nov 6th-12th if they use Eberwhite we get some % back

    • Can go to three different locations

  • Spiritwear

  • Selling the Fun Run T-Shirts

  • Retro Designs - For a t-shirt ideas

  • More often sales

  • Seasonal Items are Fall & Spring

03/09/22 PTO Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Bill Harris, Judy Eveler, Bridget Gruber, Alison Etter, Lesley Bassin, Corey Rider, Alyssa Friendly, Miranda Budine, Helen Look, Lucia Guerri, Elena Haviland, Abby Fanelli


  1. Jill Shiffert is moving here in June with her family from Austin, Texas. She has volunteered to be the PTO communications chair next year. Judy Eveler

Motion: Abby moved for a vote to have one monthly meeting for the rest of this school year (2022), 3rd Wednesday every month. Motion passes

  1. Next meeting will be April 20th, the third Wednesday of every month.

Principals Update

  1. March madness creates lots of behavior issues, everyone is ready for a break.

  2. Parent Volunteers have come back into the school; optimistic about the future; teachers are reaching out to individuals to volunteer in the classroom; volunteers do not need to wear yellow vests

  3. After spring break talk of set up for next year; setting up a receiving team.

  4. Wood chip day; alternative decade dance; lantern walk; Earth day celebration.

  5. Campus work; Eberwhite will get significant improvements; air conditioning will be installed!!! More significant renovations later

  6. Report cards come out on Friday

Treasurer Update

  1. Teacher stipend and Science Olympiad (2020 funds, participation will be free this year due to that) will be coming out of total budget so number will go down significantly next month.

  2. PTO Board approved a grant to Ms. McNabb ($400) for a video social emotional video program.

  3. Helping Hands will be taking out $1200 for summer camps and other activities for students in need.

One book, three schools

  1. Very exciting reveal! Kids have responded well. Spanish language activities. Lots of connecting fabric that is making this project well received. Final assembly in the works. There is work happening on a Bach/Mitchell/Eberwhite 2nd grade letter writing exchang.


  1. Earth Day, Friday April 22nd-community gardening event during the day, crafts, need volunteers for that day.

  2. Woodchip day sometime this spring. The woods is ⅔’s is behind, in being chipped. Move the event back to happening during the school day. The incorrect wood chips were delivered at one point and the correct chips will be ordered this time. Bill Harris needs a solid lead time to get this into the district because they purchase the wood chips.

  3. Robin Sutter is organizing ice cream social, to get involved please email:


  1. Plastic bag recycling. Located at the front of the building. Possibility of another box being located at the Kindergarten doors. This has been a very successful drive.

  2. Michigan Green School grant was submitted. Looking for emerald status.

  3. Earth Day work; Christine Hubbard; Andrew Laurie

  4. Trees for 5th graders-need to order trees soon. Ann taking lead on the project.

5th grade graduation

  1. In the past the 4th grade parents planned it for the 5th graders. PTO provides $350. Ann will talk to 5th grade parents/teachers to see if the planning has begun.


  1. Heritage night? Something Eberwhite used to do and there is talk about bringing that back.

  2. One book 3 schools has been a success so far.

PTOC Update

  1. Safe around school program. Works with local police.

  2. Crossing guards, expanding the program for more.

  3. PTO’s building community; meeting in schools was just announced so nothing specific was planned.

  4. Elena will not be the PTOC representative next year she is taking over Science Olympiad; PTO will need a volunteer next year for PTOC representative. Elena would love another interested parent volunteer for co-head of Science Olympiad.

Mind Fair

  1. Poised for a revival and in need of a person or a group of people to take charge.

  2. Probably cannot happen this year unless someone steps forward soon.

Teacher appreciation

  1. Coffee/tea bar/hot chocolate bar and bagels (donated by a parent) will happen some day before Spring Break. Lesley has color changing mugs she purchased at the beginning of the year and will hand those over to Alison to hand out at this month’s appreciation.


Next Meeting April 20th at 6:30 PM

02/16/22 PTO Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Lesley Bassin, Abby Fanelli, Corey Ryder, Ann Hilton, Miranda Budine, Helen Look, Robin Suter, Amanda Lodge, Bill Harris

Treasurer Report

  1. Report is positive. PTO is thankful for the generous 4K parent donation. The PTO board voted at the last internal meeting to increase teacher stipends. Teachers have responded with a lot of appreciation.

Principals report

  1. Thankful teachers for the increase in stipends.

  2. Grant submitted. This grant will be for the staff and 59 students with IEP’s and other learning difficulties.

  3. Stacey Hatfield and Mr. Harris are pursuing an Eberwhite therapy dog. Expenses to be shared by Ms. Hatfield and the school. Eberwhite gear for dog is in the works by Abby.

  4. There is a buzz that parents may be invited into the school again as volunteers. Many students are in need of extra help and involvement. There is a particular need for social emotional help. News will be coming out in the next week to the parent community to start the volunteer process. Mr. Harris is asking for a few parents to go through some training so they can take on a deeper volunteer role.

  5. One book-three schools was presented to the teachers and they are excited to embark on the new project.


  1. Recycle bin for plastic film can be brought out by 5th grade safety patrol. When and where are the next questions, once those have been answered and the 5th grade has been informed this can begin. Kindergarten/Lower el door has the most traffic. Do we need a bin for each entry (3-4?). The bin has been a big success and is currently full and needs to be emptied.

  2. Lunch waste as a topic is starting to be addressed as we transition into getting parents back in the school for projects around that. Here are Bridget’s notes, as she could not attend the meeting: Lunch Waste Reduction Contest - A group of AA Climate Ambassadors are doing education and engagement within AAPS. Climate Ambassadors educate and engage the Ann Arbor community on the city's 2030 carbon neutrality goal (I am one of the few Climate Ambassadors with young kids in AAPS, so I (Bridget) am their "unofficial" AAPS connection :). They would like to do a pilot "lunch waste reduction contest" at EBW. The Ambassadors would run the contest which would look something like this: 1) establish a baseline/average amount of lunch waste going to the landfill by weighing it; then, 2) start the waste reduction competition between lunch groups by encouraging reducing (taking only what you will eat), composting, and recycling while continuing to weigh landfill waste (ideally with student involvement in all pieces of the project). The lunch group that has the least amount of landfill waste overall will win (there will be some prize TBD). There is some funding available to the ambassadors to get the scales, prize, and other equipment needed. The contest timeframe could be anywhere from a week to a couple of weeks. The hope would be that the composting and recycling practices are sustained beyond the contest (I (Bridget) can help with this and perhaps this could be handed off to AAPS's new Sustainability Director...) I (Bridget) have an email chain going with Bill on this topic; he is interested in doing this at EBW in the spring/end of year when we hope volunteers can be back in the building or in the fall. The Ambassadors will work on a more detailed proposal to share with Bill in the coming weeks. We do NOT intend to do this contest as an additional workload for EBW staff. The idea is that the ambassadors would run the entire contest (of course, with some advice and coordination from EBW staff but we wouldnt ask EBW staff to plan and execute it). I(Bridget) know there were PTO members who mentioned interest in lunchtime waste reduction - send me a note if you are still interested and I will rope you into the conversation.

  3. Earth Day Planning - Reached out to Alyssa to begin planning the Earth Day event (proposed Sat. April 23 due to 5th grade camp the previous week and to include families). Brainstormed some activities; a few parents indicated they were interested in helping and I will reach out to them after chatting with Alyssa. Question for Bill: did EBW woods woodchipping already happen during playground build? If not, and we want to do it this spring, perhaps we incorporate that into the Earth Day event.

  4. Michigan Green Schools Application - Due March 1. Mostly complete. Mrs. Lindsay and Mr Harris are distributing a google doc for EBW teachers to let me know what environmental/sustainability curriculum and activities might be happening in their classes. I will then include this in the application.


  1. The Eberwhite equity committee had a second, very productive, meeting. Commitments were made to make sure there is an equitable classroom experience for all students at Eberwhite.

  2. SEA2, going forward with one book, three schools.

  3. Bridget is coordinating parent volunteers to read chapters and record them for students who may need a recorded chapter, due to parents working evenings, etc. Miranda will connect Bridget with Kathy Glei and she will work with her from there.

  4. Bach will need to be reimbursed for the books, Abby is requesting that we cut that check before the books are distributed. The PTO agreed at the internal meeting that we can reimburse Bach school. Lesley need an invoice (Miranda will be getting her one), and check can be cut by the end of the week.

  5. Nancy Shore, and AAPS employee and Eberwhite parent, has been instrumental in gathering information and supporting the Eberwhite equity committee.


  1. Decade Dance/Ice Cream social combo or possibility of changing the entire event(s). Robin Suter would like to get a conversation going about reinventing the Ice Cream Social or possibly some entirely new year end event. Volunteers are needed to talk about the future of ice cream social. Decade Dance will be combined with the ice cream social this year (or maybe hook into the Earth Day celebration). Next year (2022/23) Decade Dance will go back to an indoor event to take place in February.

Miscellaneous Items

  1. 5th grade graduation Rachel Robinson has inquired about it. Volunteers are needed. In the past PTO has taken a relatively hands off approach for graduation. Probably the same this year.

  2. Grant request has been made for social emotional well being.

  3. Board recruitment for next year. Informing the public is important, can each PTO board member talk to 3-5 people per week for the next several weeks putting the word out there? Please give names/email addresses to Abby and she is happy to reach out directly to people who are interested. Have the sandwich boards been purchased?

  4. Open seats for 2022/23 school year: President, Events coordinator, Communications.

Next Meeting

March internal and public meetings will be held at the same time: March 9th at 6:30. (per Bill Harris availability)

03/17/21 PTO Meeting Minutes

Decade Dance

  • Abby was a huge success! Kudos to Erica Martin for teaching and working with the teachers. We were also able to offer grab bags. There were 100-150 participants. Generated $1000 :)

Take out Thursday

  • We will be moving to monthly going forward in April, May, and June. Marketing done with flyers going home and outside of school.

March is reading month

  • Nicola’s fundraiser 20% of sales will go back to our media center through this Saturday. Easy to support EBW from a distance with online shopping. Please enter code Eberwhite. We have already reached our 100 window books.

Principal Update

  • Decade Dance-what a great success and opportunity!

  • Big thank you for sponsoring and welcome back for the staff to the PTO. The staff felt special and excited.

  • Kindergarten Round up- Last night, PTO Abby and Katherine were able to attend. They had 45 attendees.

  • Report cards-3/26/21

  • Ms. VanRyan and Mr Harris-put a challenge “Erase the Stigma” virtual 5k-support mental health. We are forming a EBW team. Great community building activity.

  • Hybrid learning-starts next week. Staff is there to make sure everything is set and ready to go. EBW led the survey results with response. We will be welcoming back 270 students in the hybrid model.

  • Playgrounds-will be closed before and after school. Need parent support in this matter.

  • There will be a Q & A session for Y5’s, Kindergarten, and Ms Smith’s classes

Helping Hands

Danni and Jenna are happy to continue their roles in HH.

Treasurer Report

  • The square ended up being very helpful and made it easy for parents to donate. We also raised $150 to HH directly. There have been some grant requests that have been coming in. PTO feels pretty good about getting these approved. Anyone is able to apply for a grant here

  • Seeing some teacher stipend coming in, we have also been able to get some students in rec and ed camps.

Teacher Appreciation

We are providing h2o bottles and snacks as they come back to the building. Ms. Wright is gathering photos of the teachers so that they can wear a button of what they look like without masks.

Other Ideas to appreciate our teachers:

  • 6 teacher monitors-may need to purchase or donate

  • Diane Rodrigez-Kino pop up bakery-has offered to do mini loafs of bread

  • Zingermans lunch box-there is an EBW parent that works there. We should be able to get it at cost (about $10 a box)

  • Also considering doing a parent ask specifically for the teachers.

  • Have students put notes on the outside to the teachers (how ms seals did). Put a cork board outside the school for students to leave notes. Also do a signup genius for class notes (may need room parents assistance).

  • Flower and balloon drop off for teachers.

  • Sidewalk chalk messages

  • Create a calendar on how we can appreciate the teachers, hoping to have this posted on the PTO website.

5th Grade Graduation

  • 5th grade graduation previous budget $350/last year $1000-they are thinking of getting t-shirts for the 5th grade class this year.

1/28/21 PTO Meeting Minutes

Take out Thursday- we have raised $236 in 2021 so far this year.

Also Please register at the following stores to give back


Spirit Wear Update

Please order by 2/7/21

Many color options, and joggers too!

Email the PTO-cash/credit to pay and Corey will be willing to gather forms.

We will be doing an additional spirit wear this year.


PTO-C Meeting  Focus was around equity. How PTO’s can help with our school and make it stronger.  A village fund can assist and support others in our EBW community.  In the next meeting there will be continued discussion around this.  If you are interested in joining the PTO equity committee for EBW please let us know

Decade Dance  

Going to look a bit different this year.  Erica Martin is going to continue to teach dances in PE.  A new month long add on is the virtual lip sync and dance competition.  There will be a private showcase on YouTube during the month of Feb.  Children also can use props if they are camera shy.  Full details will be on the EBW PTO website soon. Dance party 2/20 from 3-5 for the entire school. Goodie bags will be given with a $10 donation.  Bag will include a free kids pizza voucher from Toarmina’s.


Reading Month Ms Player and Abby are working on this for March.  Expect fun activities.  Nicola’s fundraiser 20% goes back to EBW media center date is 3/14/21.  Also there may be a reading contest, with prizes at certain benchmarks.  More to come….


Helping Hands They have been very busy this year.  We have been providing gear,and some basic home utilities, food, and transportation.  Also scholarship for summer camps and programs.


Treasury Update -Take out Thursday has really been helpful.  Parent donations are still much appreciated.  


Teacher’s Report  The teachers are grateful for the PTO and blankets from the holiday. Appreciate all efforts.


Principal Report NAPID-national Afrrican parent involvement day and Parent day 2/8.  Parents will be invited to spend time in the classroom. 5th grade to transition to middle school, kindergarten round up April and May. Playground update-committee met recently and we are continuing to move forward. Looking for parents to assist on a certain committee.  


A2 has reached out to similar districts Troy, PLymouth, Canton, and some locals like Dexter and Saline.  Information sessions will be happening with the district and with Bill for additional details. 


Overview Hybrid Model-they will finalize the model in the next week or 2.  There will be a survey that goes out to parents asking virtual or hybrid?  

There will be 3 groups of students. 

1. Virtual

2. Cohort A 

3. Cohort B

The super 6 will be embedded and woven throughout the day.  Many things have been done at EBW, sneeze guards, plumbing, touchless fixtures, drinking fountains removed, and ventilation changes. The EBW building has never been so clean.  Also signage is posted throughout the school.


Cohort- is CDC recommendation to help minimize the risk of infection. We will gain clarity on in the next few weeks.


Schedule- virtual 810, in person at 9 end of the day @ 210 with small group instruction.  The teachers day will include time with kids virtual and with kids in person. Submission of assignments will be through schoology.  Families will do screening, provide masks, and water bottles.


Q & A with Bill


  1. Will there be any testing requirement for antibodies or illness as part of this plan? Staff will have optional antigen testing.

  2. Vaccinations for teachers? This has been a painful process. It does seem that we are turning the corner.  Is going back contingent on vaccines? No, not everyone will choose to get a vaccine.  A district can not require this.

  3. will parents have a say about which days students are in school? and will siblings be placed in school on the same days?  Right now it is based on last names.  It is imperfect and there will have to be some adjusting of the cohorts. Likely it will not be a parent choice. 

  4. Do you know if parents choose virtual, will they be committed to virtual for the remainder of the school year or will there be an option to re-enter the hybrid option at some point? 

  • no one on ebw staff feels pressured by parents to be unsafe

  • aaps taking teacher safety into account

  • teachers feel appreciated


5. Do teachers have the option to remain at home if there are health concerns?

  • not sure about specific hr policy on this but when school starts expecting teachers to come back

  • teachers can address indiv concerns with HRS 


6. feedback from teachers on how we can support them?

  • teachers are feeling support from parents. There is some concern but we have other comparisons to draw from elsewhere. Site visit to dexter. Other success stories putting others at ease.


​7. can format change to offer classes outside?

  • not sure 2 day structure will change. But outside learning, yes weather permitting


8. estimate on when hybrid will start? Dr swift paying attention to metrics and these will all be factored in


9. testing positive, what happens? Aaps has in depth contact tracing. Takes proper precaution for who needs to follow quarentine protocol.

10. will teachers teach students at school and at home at the same time? Looking to divide up day so this isnt happening all the time. Looking to minimize that.


11. increase outside time/ recess time? Need to prioritize in class learning. Cant increase right now.

12. next school year? Probably closer to something normal but hard to tell.


13. specials? Might be best served staying in virtual model. Not final. Cohorting, balancing risks of transmitability. 


14. IEP/ Services? This group has been on our minds. Some interventions can be done effectively via zoom. Many cannot.


15. how do we address learning gaps? Its going to be a long road. 


16. aaps request for um support? Communication is there. In what form unclear.

12/15/21 PTO Meeting Minutes




  • Survey of students-taking place right now teachers and staff formulated questions to check in on the kids to make sure mental and physical needs are being met by Eberwhite and what they can do better, everyone is looking forward to results which will be forthcoming in the near(ish) future. Hoping for insight on how to help and support the kids.

  • LEAD (Learning At Eberwhite for Diversity) partners Grant from the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation. Check to see if there is a line item in the budget from this grant. U of M students who help with special olympics come to Eberwhite and help students with IEP’s and 504.

  • Kindergarten round up February 24th.

  • Close to closing the books on the playground (after 3 years!), votes happening this week on what the stand alone item to add to the current playground

​Treasurers Update

  • Helping hands has gotten a big boost from Bill’s shout out. Asking for assistance from Bill in getting another shout out of him. Fundraising burnout may be happening from all of the recent fundraising asks.


Sustainability update

  • Cara Rosean has taken the lead on getting the plastic recycling containers in the school. The plastic recycled will be made into trex “wood”. Competition for the school who collects the most plastic, winner is a trex bench.

  • Good news- AAPS is hiring a sustainability director.

Equity Update

  • School equity alliance has ordered books. Books coming in January. Bach school paid for everything upfront. Eberwhite will need to pay them back by March. -Interested parents met with the equity representatives from our PTO and chose whether they wanted to work within Eberwhite or district wide on equity projects, there was a good turn out.

  • One book project-Stella Diaz, Mexican American protagonist with many activities at home and in school.

  • Equity Fund campaign (Abby)-delayed for when Josh is available. An email strand will be started.


Board Vote: Appoint Alison Etter as the Teacher Liaison

Kristin Baker is stepping down from the PTO. Alison Etter has been in charge of teacher appreciation efforts this year. Votes yes: Abby, Corey, Bridget, Lesley, Miranda, Alyssa, Ann. Absent: Josh

Events Update

  • Date/Logistics for Decade Dance-Not a great time to discuss a big indoor event. Moving it outdoors, winter fest (?), Bill’s suggestion. Abby has spoken with an ice sculptor.

PTOC Update

  • Evanston, Illinois group was brought into the PTOC meeting for a presentation on how they addressed equity issues. This was done by distributing the fundraising efforts in their district evenly. They did this by determining which schools received reduced school lunch, those schools received more funds. All schools fundraise, the money goes into a pot, some schools get more and others get less dependent on the school’s need. Similar to our equity alliance but different and across their entire district. AAPS will be looking at this as a model for our district in the future.

Fall In Review

Abby is emphasizing the fact that our school has a great robust team that makes our school community a fantastic group to be a part of.

Fall In Review:

  • Playground Build

  • 1 event: Fun Run (Oct 23)

  • 7 Fundraisers:

  • Fun Run

  • Takeout Nights (5?)

  • Helping Hands

  • Equity Fund

  • Spirit Wear

  • Canopy Tents

  • Nicolas

  • Sustainability:

  • Plastic recycling

  • EBW grounds

  • EBW garden work

  • Application for MI Green Schools

  • Equity:

  • Committee formed, first meeting

  • Partnership with Bach/Mitchell announced

  • One Book, One School initiative planned

  • Teacher Appreciation:

  • Welcome treats

  • Countdown to Giving Thanks

  • Holiday gifts

  • Communications:

  • Volunteer Interest Form-has done a great job getting parents involved.

  • Ways to Support Eberwhite: shopping rewards, donating and helping hands.​


Next meeting: January 19th, 2022


Meeting adjourned: 7:24 PM


11/17/21 PTO Meeting Minutes


  1. Decade Dance date will be established soon.


  1. Take out Thursday: Ahmo’s $70, $100 Toarminas, Hungry Howie’s check is forthcoming. Michelle D is working hard to find new restaurants.

  2. Spiritwear, waiting until after the holidays to release the next round. Please contact Josh Kupetz if you want to see any specific spirit wear in the future.

  3. No holiday plant sale. Another bulb sale is slated for spring.

  4. Fun Run onsite t-shirts were not a success, only ~$200 was brought in. There was discussion about how that could be improved. Square site is our current form of payment, not the best site but PTO board is familiar with it. Bridget and Ann volunteered to get the PTO a Venmo account.

  5. Tent fundraiser brought in more money than the tents actually cost. The balance will be kept in the PTO account for Covid needs, especially this school year.

  6. Nicola’s Book fundraiser a success! $6000 in sales for Nicola’s. $730 of books for the Eberwhite library.


  1. Fun Run income was much improved over the 2020 (pandemic) total, but under the ~12K net raised in 2019. Gross total for 2021 was ~10K, expenses to subtract $770 trophies, $489 food, ~$820 t-shirts (?).

  2. Totals for monthly donations: $670 Helping hands, $720 general fund, $1103 flower power fundraiser, $8570 lunch tents.

  3. Lunch tent fundraiser has a balance of ~$1900. Board voted to reimburse the parent for tarps ~$150. Discussion on what to do with the remaining balance ended in a consensus that the money be saved for pandemic related expenses, especially lunch issues.


  1. By laws are being written

  2. School literacy experts (Ms. Player and Ms. Glei) consulted on “one book project”. Ordering deadline is possibly at the end of November, possibly causing a rush to make a book decision and pay for it. Corey proposed putting a link to equity on our square site to see if interest is generated.

  3. 10 very active parents have expressed interest in being included on the equity committee.


  1. School lunch issues is an ongoing discussion with many layers and the small group (Abby, Miranda, Alyssa, Bridget, and Ann), will be continuing to work on this project.

  2. Michigan Green School Grant. More projects of sustainability need to be implemented to apply for the grant. Rain Barrels? Eberwhite as a guinea pig for the district? Playground can possibly be a part of the grant application. Deadline is after the new year so there is time. Bridget is researching.

Principal’s Update

  1. Playground finished and many other projects were completed during the one week build. Huge success, committee is 2nd to none.

  2. Appreciation for businesses that donated is being put together. Thank you message to post in business.

  3. Money from playground is leftover, enough for at least one of the free standing structures. Concrete cost needs to be estimated, along with installation cost. Final costs will be calculated and decision will move back to steering committee.

  4. Report cards coming out. Mr. Harris reads every report card of every student!

  5. Lunch volunteers-great influx but there is still a need. Problem: volunteers are not allowed in school buildings, yet.

  6. School is generally going well, routines are being established. U of M students are able to volunteer.


  • Flyer on ways to support Eberwhite this giving season will be going home in this week’ folder. 

Honoring 5th grade graduates

  • Trees will be planted for graduate classes going forward with a plaque of graduates' names. Currently PTO is working on 2020 and 2022 graduates, as 2021 graduates received engraved pavers. 10 ft oak tree $200-300. Bridget will work with Bill Harris on placement of trees (newly seeded area?). Kristin Baker will work on researching and acquisition of plaques. If trees are planted this spring (not the best time) can students adopt a week of watering over the summer? Also discussed, students voting on the type of tree for their class.


Principal request for “Handwriting without Tears” and teacher Fun Run money

Student handwriting has taken an especially hard hit from the year of virtual learning (2020/2021). The curriculum “handwriting without tears” for Y5’s through 3rd grade will be purchased for the school for $3121.07. Bill has gotten teacher leadership committee approval to use fun run money for this curriculum. Board vote: unanimous yes from internal meeting 11/8.

Teacher appreciation plan

Alison Etter will be spearheading the teacher appreciation for 2021/22 school year. There will be events for teacher appreciation nearly every month. Questions about how to do the potluck this year due to the pandemic, budget could be $0 if the traditional potluck or ~$800 if PTO purchases boxed lunches. TBD dependent on pandemic issues.

Amazon wish lists are active, updated and being promoted. Thanks to Sarah Lindsay for reaching out to teachers.

Kim Payne is updating Eberwhite Facebook page with “Countdown to give Thanks”.

10/20/21 PTO Meeting Minutes


  1. Fun Run will be held 10/23. Two loops will be made and will be left up for additional students to run throughout the day.

  2. Nicola’s fundraiser 10/31-11/6. Tell cashier at checkout you are from Eberwhite. Last year $500 was raised for the library.

Principals Update

Tents are up for lunch until the end of November. Parent donations and especially volunteering for lunch shift supervision is a huge relief.

  1. Two AAPS schools have shut down for periods of time because of Covid cases. Washtenaw County is currently trending in the wrong direction. Schoology is getting set up and will be available early November in the event Eberwhite needs to shut down. Hopefully this will not happen.

  2. Eberwhite school was ranked #49 Elementary School in Michigan by US News and World Report

  3. Playground build was a huge success!

Teacher Update (Sarah Lindsay)

  1. Playground is awesome. Kids are happy! Parent volunteers are wonderful.

Treasurers Update 

  1. Total in bank is $35,549

  2. Since 9/15 Expenses: Total, $7801.13; Tents $5385; stipends $743.95; t-shirts 820.80; clay for art room $473.76; operating expenses $332.95; teacher appreciation $44.67

  3. Since 9/15 Income: $9616

Sustainability Update (Bridget)

  1. Goals and activities in progress will be forthcoming.

  2. Plastic bag recycle bin to be located in the school, approved by Mr. Harris.

Volunteer Update (Abby Fanelli)

  1. Amazing people have stepped up: Kim Payne, social media; Shawn Kelly, website; Christine Hubbard, garden; _______________, Take out Thursday. Thank you!!!

  2. We always have needs for volunteers please fill out Volunteer Interest Form:

Equity Update 

  1. School Equity Alliance is moving forward with bylaws.

  2. Appreciation from Bill Harris for the PTO voting for this alliance.

PTOC Update 

  1. Monthly meeting of all PTO’s from each AAPS school, open to the public.

  2. The Virtual Parent Support Fair held at the October PTO Council meeting provided parents and caregivers with the opportunity to learn about and meet with representatives from the following community organizations.

  • Ann Arbor/ Washtenaw BIPOC Moms+ Facebook Group

  • Ann Arbor Parents of People Who Are Trans

  • Arab American Advisory Group

  • Asian Pacific Islander South Asian/American Parent Advisory Group (APISA/A)

  • Ann Arbor Parent Advisory Committee for Special Education (AAPAC)

  • Black Student Parent Support Group

  • Community Centers: Bryant

  • Mentor2Youth

  • NNMG Food Allergic Families of Ann Arbor

  • National Alliance for Mental Health

  • PFLAG Ann Arbor (Support, Education, & Advocacy for LBGTQ+ people and their families)

  • Washtenaw Literacy (LIFT)

For information about each group including contact information and volunteer opportunities, please see the link below.


Action Items

  1. Book Fair! Raised $4,000 in 2019, nothing in 2020. This fall the fair will not be happening but a smaller spring fair is potentially in the works. A volunteer is needed to take the reigns from Rachel Robinson whose children will no longer attend Eberwhite after this year. Rachel would like to train the person (people) taking over the fair this spring in a two day fair. There is a lot of information about the fair Rachel would like to pass on. Three co-chairs and several volunteers the day of the book fair are needed. Please indicate if you are interested on the Volunteer Interest Form:



Meeting adjourned 7:32 PM

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